Face Masks I Love from Fresh Beauty

One of my favorite beauty indulgences is using face masks! I've become slightly obsessed with trying different ones and there are so many to discover. Some of my favorite are from  Fresh Beauty.  The three I want to share with you today are the, vitamin nectar vibrancy boosting face mask, black tea instant perfecting mask and the ultimate nourishing honey mask. 

Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask. This is a jelly like citrus based mask that helps to gently exfoliate your skin and reveal brighter looking skin! 

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. This mask has the most silky texture and won awards in 2016. It is a super hydrating mask that helps to firm, and soften skin texture. 

Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask. This was an Allure magazine beauty award winner in 2016. It is made with real honey and is super luxurious. It helps improve skin elasticity and helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. 

One more thing I wanted to mention is to make sure you take care of your lips also when treating your skin. The Sugar Lip Polish is one of my favorites to help soften and exfoliate! 

Can't wait to try more of the Fresh Face Masks...they have several more to choose from! Go read about the on the website! 




Nutritional Supplements for Beauty

Happy Sunday! 

I wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorite nutritional beauty supplements. I swear by these products if you want an extra boost in your beauty routine. Whether your goal is glowing skin, longer hair, or stronger nails, these are products that can help. 


Amazing Grass Green Superfood. 

I love this drink so much. The Original Lemon Lime flavor is the best! I have tried every flavor. The biggest things I notice is that it gives you energy, supports your digestion, and gives you glowing skin.  It is filled with wonderful greens like, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli. I mix mine with water, but you can also mix it it with your favorite juice. 

Ultimate Hair, Skin, & Nails by Seabuck Wonders

This is another vegan supplement that really helps boost hair, nail and skin health.  Two weeks after I started taking it I noticed my hair and nails growing much faster than usual. These contain 5000 mcg of biotin, sea buckthorn oil and Omegas 7, 3,6,9. These have absolutely no side effects and I can take them on an empty stomach. 

I can't say enough good things about aloe vera water. It helps my skin, and is a natural cleanse. I always feel so much healthier and vibrant when I drink this on a regular basis. And, this one is bar far the best! It has absolutely NO flavor and is easy to drink, just like water. I buy mine off of amazon. 

Thats it for now! Have a great night. 



Best Aesthetics and Beauty Services in NYC Part 2

I'm back to share with you more of the places I love to go for beauty treatments in New York. I love this city so much; there is so much to explore! 

Proper Puss-West Village: 

With it's unforgettable name and charming location you can't forget this place for the best laser hair removal and waxing. I had never, I repeat, NEVER had laser hair removal done in my life. I wasn't scared of the pain, more so just had never had the luxury of trying it out. The first time I went here, Rachael the owner, welcomed me with such enthusiasm and guided me through the whole process of how laser is done. I was immediately impressed with how cute and charming this place was decorated...and who doesn't want to spend more time in the West Village!? I LOVE the exposed brick and the artwork here, it makes it feel warm and cozy; a place you can really get comfortable and feel relaxed. 

You can get anything you want lasered or waxed here, and packages are offered if you know you want to keep up the treatments.  I think I'm already officially hooked on laser hair removal. I will be going back for another treatment soon and I can't wait! If you decide to check it out, tell Rachael that I sent you! :) 

For more information on exact location and services you can check out the website here. 


Trifecta Med Spa + Wellness- Downtown: 

Located in the financial district, a block away from Wall Street this beautiful Medi Spa offers a variety of treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best. They offer the latest and most cutting edge anti-aging skin care and body treatments. Cool sculpting, ultherapy, laser treatments, injectables, microdermabrasion, teeth whitening and more! The staff here is super knowledgable and experienced. 

For more information you can visit the website here. 

Best Aesthetics and Beauty Services in NYC : Part 1

I think one of my favorite things about living in New York is all the accessibility to some of the best places for Beauty! One of the main things I look for when I want to get a beauty treatment is professionalism and service providers I can trust. I have compiled a list of some of my current favorite places to get beauty treatments in NYC. 

Haven Spa- Haven Spa is located at 250 Mercer Street in Soho. This spa's decor is so inviting and really must be experienced to understand. They specialize in a variety of spa services including but not limited to manicures, pedicures, massage, skincare treatments and hair services. Marlene is my nail specialist and her impeccable attention to detail is what keeps me going back. Go see her and tell her I sent you! This truly has been my little escape in the busy city when I need to relax.  

Skin MD NY - Experiencing  Skin MD was such a luxury!  It is located right next to central park at 853 Fifth Avenue, one of the best and most beautiful areas of the city. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Mauro Romita who is an aesthetic specialist and board- certified reconstructive plastic surgeon. He is extremely knowledgeable about modern day beauty and has over twenty years experience. His staf was super friendly and inviting. Other services they provide with their partner AJUNE center for beauty synergy are injectables, and fillers, chemical peels, leg vein treatments, facials, laser hair removal and waxing services. If you've every considered any of these services or question what would be right for you this is somewhere you can trust the doctor and staff to give you expert advice! 

 Marie-Lou & D Its safe to say that every single time I walk out of this salon I've felt a little extra confidence than I did going in. Jillian keeps me bright blonde with balayage and our chats are always a mini therapy session for me because of her warm personality. It's located at 345 West Broadway in Soho near a bunch of great shops and restaurants. I know this salon for the hair services, cut and color but they also offer nail and spa services. If you go, ask for Jillian and tell her I sent you! 

Stay tuned for part 2 . I will give you some more recommendations of my favorite beauty services, spas and aesthetics in NYC. 



Makeup Look of the Day Featuring Artemes Lashes

Hi Guys! 

I wanted to  share with you a very brief video of a makeup look I created with Artemes Lashes. 

Here is a breakdown of what I used:

  • artemeslashes lost innocence
  • maybelline vivid matte liquid lip in nude flush and the falsies mascara
  • lauramercier tinted moisturizer
  • cledepeaubeauteus concealer
  • anastasiabeverlyhills brow pencil
  • urbandecaycosmetics Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette
  • marcbeauty liquid black eyeliner
  • kevynaucoin sculpting powder in medium
  • beccacosmetics highlighter in moonstone

Love, Lauren

Makeup Look Featuring Wander Beauty

Hey Guys! 

Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson has started a makeup line that is travel inspired!  With her experience traveling  internationally as a model, she is now making a name in the makeup world. 

I recently got to try out some of her multi-tasking makeup must haves. And, I created a look using a fe products. Here is the breakdown of what I used. :) 

Wander Beauty brow pencil in taupe
Wander Beauty Exquisite cream eye shadow in bronze

Mac Cosmetics woodwinked eyeshadow over top
Mac Cosmetics eyeliner in feline in waterline
Makeup Forever black graphic liquid liner
House of lashes eyelashes
Nars tinted moisturizer
Nyx Cosmetics lip pencil in neutral
Kett Cosmetics setting powder
Benefit Cosmetics hoola bronzer


xo, Lauren





Invisi-tab Hair Extensions from Eva Scrivo Salon

Hey Guys!

My obsession with long hair began as a little girl. I remember watching disney movies of princesses with LONG beautiful hair. To me, its one of the most ultra feminine physical qualities  a girl can have.

I'll admit though...throughout my years, I've had hair loss for health reasons. Also, keeping my hair blonde has caused some damage. I do the best I can to keep it healthy, and maintain a healthy diet to keep my hair long and super strong, but theres only so much one can do! So, when I heard about invisi-Tab extensions, that they were easy to put in, easy to take out, and would add volume to my already long hair, I knew I had to give them a try!

Invisi-Tab extensions are a tape in extension that can be added for volume or length and volume. They are easy to put in and if done correctly shouldn't need touching up for about  3 months. But, these arn't just your average extensions. They are 100% virgin European hair extensions. They are the highest quality hair extensions available, and are preferred by fashion and celebrity clients and their A-list clientele. They are softer, silkier, and hold styles longer than other types of extensions. 

My experience so far is absolute LOVE. I've never loved my hair more! My hair has always been long, but a few invisi-Tab extensions has made my hair look thicker and healthier! They feel lightweight and fly in the wind just like my normal hair would. 

I got them put in at Eva Scrivo Salon in New York City and saw stylist Meri-Kate. It was so easy and so fast...and probably took about 30 minutes total to have them put in. I was also told they are very easy to color as well! 

My entire experience was a breeze. And, 3 months later I am still loving them! 

Here are some photos of my hair. The first two were take a day or two after they were put in. You can still curl or straighten and style your hair however you want! The last photo I took about a week ago. As you can see, they have held up very well and still look natural and silky! 

Check out Eva Scrivo Salon for more information about Invisi-Tab

Love, Lauren

Kylie Jenner Makeup Look

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to play around and do a little bit more of a dramatic makeup than what you're used to seeing in my portfolio. Sometimes I'm just in the mood to play with makeup, and creating looks inspired a celebrity or beauty icon. I think I will try to do more of these types of posts! I think Kylie Jenner has similar features as me, a rounder face, full lips, big eyes, so I chose her as my inspiration for my look today. 

Some KEY things if you are re-creating this look are:

Lipliner as lipstick. This will give you a long lasting matte lip, and you can overdraw your lips a little bit if you are trying to achieve a fuller pouty effect. I like MAC lip liner in SPICE, or WHIRL. I also love the NYX liners in Peekaboo Neutral or Neutral. 

Strong contour. I used the IT Cosmetics contour palette to define and applied a strong highlight on the top of the cheekbone. 

Lashes. This look would not be complete without false lashes. I chose long whispy ones like the ones Kylie wears a lot of. My favorite brand is Ardell. I LOVE other brands too but Ardell lashes are inexpensive, and you can find them at drugstores!

Until my next post!  LOVE- LO 

3 in 1 Makeup Remover by Korres

Hey Guys! 

I am dying to tell you about a product I recently discovered and LOVE. You know it's good when I post about it because I get to try hundreds of products, the latest and greatest, and I only write about the ones I get excited about sharing. 

My recent discovery is the 3 in 1 Cleansing, Toning, Eye-Makeup Removing Emulsion by Korres.  This has been the easiest most gentle way to remove my makeup, clean my skin and leave it feeling soft. I apply it to a cotton pad and apply it all over my face, its very gentle and removes makeup effortlessly. 

This product contains: 

  • Greek Yoghurt concentrate to nourish the skin
  • Euphrasia which reduces redness and irritation
  • Macadamia and Sunflower Oil to moisturize

I love this because it's easy and gentle! No need for multiple steps at bedtime when you just feel like sleeping. 

Until next post! Love, LO 

Red Lipstick Faves Spring 2015

When is the best time to wear red lipstick? I say,  WHENEVER you feel like it. It's a power color! Having a bad day? Need a confidence booster? New job interview?...Wear red lips. 

One of the biggest complaints about a red lip is how it wears. Most people avoid it simply because it's too messy to deal with coming off, or it just doesn't wear as long as they would like. Well, I'm here to banish those worries and tell you my favorite red lip shades and a few of my favorite colors. 

The trick with red lips is learning how to make it last! Definitely look for a lipstick or lipliner that has a matte finish. I like the MAC Cosmetics Matte lipsticks in the shades, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Russian Red, Chili and a limited edition retro matte shade named, Relentless Red.  Mattes are more of a dry formula, so if you don't like that feeling, throw a gloss or balm over it. But, the more matte the color is, the longer it's going to last on your lips! 

In the photos below, I am wearing chili by MAC. 

Love, Lauren



3 Beauty Secrets to try Now!

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. It's finally feeling like Spring and I'm so thrilled! Central Park is calling my name.

I want to share 3 beauty secrets that I swear by and have been routinely doing this past winter. You might have heard of some of these tricks, but if not-definitely give one or all a try this spring. 

1. Use a Humidifier. This has made this biggest difference in my skin and hair. I use a cool-air humidifier every night and my skin and hair always feel more balanced by morning. If I don't use one, I get really dry skin and my hair feels more brittle and prone to breakage. Give it a try! I bet you will notice a difference. :) 

2. Oil Pulling. Many celebrities claim to do this. This is where you take a natural oil, usually coconut and swish it around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and then spit it out. It sounds gross I , but I have noticed a huge difference in my teeth and mouth. It makes them feel cleaner and whiter. It draws the bacteria and harmful toxins out of your body. The other health benefits of doing this on a regular basis are: Proper digestion, Healthier teeth and gums, better breath, moisturizes dry mouth, thicker, more lustrous hair , clear, radiant skin , mood, concentration and focus improvement. I've been using the Gurunada pulling oil which is a blend of natural oils and oil claims to have to swish for 2-3 minutes (which is much easier) . 

3. Cayenne Pepper in Lip Balm. Try this! Mix a tiny bit of cayenne pepper...and by tiny I mean TINY amount, mix it in with your favorite lip balm and apply to lips for a pouty effect. The intense heat and spice draws blood to the lips making them appear fuller and poutier. :) 




Hair Product Favorites- December 2014

Hey Guys! I've been meaning to post more. I need to get into the groove. New York City is crazy busy; I'm always running around from place to place and good hair products are a must to keep my hair looking great everyday with a busy schedule. Here are some of my favorites currently.

Bamboo Alterna Luminous Shine Mist.

Bamboo luminous shine mist

Why I love it: It gives my hair a nice pick me up with shine and luminosity when it's looking dry or lifeless. It smells absolutely amazing and I always get asked what I'm wearing when I spray this on my hair. It's also really lightweight and doesn't weigh long hair down.

Find it here : http://www.sephora.com/bamboo-luminous-shine-mist-P285154

Verb Dry Shampoo


Why I love it: This product has allowed me to go 3 days without washing my hair. It refreshes my blonde without being too white, it absorbs oil and adds volume and makes my hair look refreshed in a sexy tousled sort of way.

Find it here: http://www.verbproducts.com/dry-shampoo

BlowPro Dry Texture Spray

Blow pro dry texture spray

Why I love it: This product is the perfect pick-me-up spray that adds volume and a little hold without making my hair stiff; it keeps it soft and adds lots of body. This also smells amazing!

Find it here: http://www.amazon.com/blowpro-Textstyle-Dry-Texture-Spray/dp/B00G154P0E



Embracing Beauty -My Thoughts on Calvin Klein's New Model, Myla Dalbesio

HI! You might have recently seen the buzz around Calvin Klein's New Model Myla Dalbesio who's measurements are not the current Fashion Industry sample size standard , size 0-2. She is what is being called in "in betweenie". Not thin enough to be doing runway , but not what you'd consider standard plus size. She is absolutely stunning, and there is no reason to give her any kind of label!

When I saw these posts  on Facebook about her and the Calvin Klein controversy all I could think was she's going to have to have a ton of strength and courage to answer questions, and do interviews about this topic. Women should strive to be fit, to feel healthy, be strong, and believe in their beauty!

The labels  are precisely the problem in my opinion. My dream would be that all women could just embrace their looks and body for how it is, and not to be constantly comparing themselves to other women to try to look like someone else.  Being consumed with body image leads to so many unhealthy addictions, patterns and behaviors. I LOVE that Calvin Klein is not putting limits to who they use for their campaign. People should not be categorized by size, or how they appear in general. If you feel beautiful, and you believe in your talents, and strengths that's what matters most.

I love that people are discussing this "appearance based" issue right now in the fashion industry, and I applaud Myla for being so open about her thoughts, and struggles being in the modeling world. More women need to come forward and be open about how they feel about their body and their image. Opening up makes you vulnerable and being vulnerable builds confidence!!

Myla Dalbesio is represented by JAG Models in New York City.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvCBuJpO0kQ&w=560&h=315]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZPE-6Sc-5E&w=560&h=315]

New City, New Lipstick

Hey Guys! 

If you haven't heard the news;  I just moved to New York, my favorite city of all. While adjusting to life here can be stressful and overwhelming at times, I took a break this week to go to MAC and pick up some new lipsticks (as if I need anymore). 

I chose a few shades that I didn't have and felt I could use as an artist as well as for my own personal use. Here are four of the shades I picked up. 

Relentless Red-a bright pinkish coral Matte. 

Fashion Revivial- a dark muted raspberry with a semi Matte finish.

Blankety- a soft pink beige , amplified cream formula.

Pander me- a soft peachy mocha with a matte finish. 

Hope you all are having an amazing week. And, I'll see you in my next post!

If you are not following me on Instagram-be sure to go over and follow me : Lovelobeauty. I post pictures almost everyday! 



Looking Ahead: Swimwear Trends Around the World For 2015

2015 a wonderful fashion trip we need to take together. All around the world the trends are anywhere from digital prints to vintage cuts. Whether you are in Majorca or Miami the most important decision is the swimwear style. For this reason, high fashion designers have recreated themselves to make a bold statement or simply taking your waterside credentials to a higher standard. swimwear 2015

Bathing suit available on Sunbain.com

  • AFRICA Sharm el-Sheikh, Watamu or Diani beach are only some of the destinations full of turquoise waters and wide beaches. The trends for 2015 are a swimwear line with bright colors, high quality fabrics and sexy designs catering to the woman´s body. All designs inspired in the influence of the water and the uniqueness of the artisan’s world.
  • ASIA swimwear designs combine a traditional Chinese style with fashion sports and inspired in people´s imagination. The inspiration comes from Asian art and the four elements. Earth, water, air and fire are the fantasy and core of their collection. 2015 in Asia comes with contrast color matching of red, blue and pink showcasing luxurious glamour.
  • EUROPE Known for its vibrant colors and designs this 2015 the tiny bottoms are still in first choice accessorizing with hats, vest and pretty elegant dresses. This trend is forcing brands in the industry to a higher level of designs, materials and craftsmanship. Designers are introducing fresher looks and a much needed unique aesthetic. 2015 collection is inspired in the European style architecture.

swimwear 2015 2

Bikini available on Sunbain.com

  • ANTARCTICA destinations like Deception Island or Black Sand Beach are the home of a summer wrapped in luxury and sophistication. In 2015 they are focusing on striking color palettes and neoteric feminine shapes.
  • AUSTRALIA polished satins, metallic shades, sequins and shiny jacquard designs are the key trends for this part of the world in 2015. Wildlife zebra and tiger stripes are used alongside sparkling stars. Gradient colors, holographic and iridescent finishing effects are all the motifs for this new season.
  • LATIN AMERICA Geometric Op Art designs layered or super sized to produce an elegant garment. In 2015 colors play an important role by using an exploding rainbow with many shades and phosphorescent bright creating architectural designs, enhancing the women´s silhouette.

Swimwear 2015 3

Swimwear 2015 available on Sunbain.com

This is where the beach and the swimwear meet in the red carpet of the waves. The trend is to look seductive, elegant, feminine and comfortable all at the same time. Cover yourself with glamour and sophistication with the adequate fit for you and optimize your stunning presence with some jewels and accessories. Anywhere from Monte Carlo to Cabo the key is to celebrate the season in an elegant and exciting style. The dress code for this event: FABULUOS AND SEXY. Enjoy 2015 looking like a movie star!

Visit Sunbain.com and check out the latest swimwear trends and designers.


Hey Guys!

One of my favorite things to do on a quiet night in is search for new music and new artists. I love words, and music, so looking up lyrics, and new songs...listening to new talent really excites me. Tonight I found an artist named, Lenachka. I first discovered her song, "Edge of New York" on I-tunes so if you have I-tunes, I'd recommend checking it out!!

I believe Lenachka is going to be a huge  star in 2015. Her voice is really amazing, her music is very current,  and not to mention she's really beautiful. 

So, here are a few videos I found on Youtube that I loved of some of her recent songs and collaborations. I couldn't find my favorite one , "Edge of New York" , so be sure to check that out and download it on I-Tunes! 

Til my next post!


Jen’s Story- Beauty at a Makeup Counter

The other day I was catching up with a friend and she recalled an incident that happened to her while passing by the makeup section at a department store. I found it very powerful and wanted to share it with you guys! 

I want to preface this by saying that I used to work retail for a makeup company and the only reason I felt confident doing this was because I TRULY loved and believed in the product that I was selling. I wore it myself and found it easy to tell customers about a product I loved. By nature, I am not an outgoing person, and always feel pushy and “fake” when I am being told to say something specific to help the sales of a product. So, for that reason I have always enjoyed the “artistry” part of my job as a makeup artist and found that if it was  something I truly believed in and used myself sales came naturally. 

Back to Jen’s story. She was out shopping, running some errands and lives in Hawaii. It is the hottest time of the year right now and she happened to be out and about without any makeup on. While passing the makeup department a makeup artist who worked at a counter approached her and said, ” I have the perfect COVERAGE for your complexion.” 

Jen replied, ” What’s wrong with my complexion that it would need coverage?” He stumbled over his words taken back by her response. He then told her that it is his JOB to say that to people in order to help drive sales. She then asked to speak with the cosmetic store manager and told them that she was VERY upset by this sales approach and the words that this makeup artist said to her.

She said she was trying to be confident running around with a natural face and no makeup and didn’t need anyone telling her there was something to “correct” or “cover” on her face. She expressed that she believed they should re-think their sales approach and their view of real beauty. 

When Jen told me this, I was so PROUD of her for being bold enough to say something about how she felt in this situation. I think this is a very common approach from employees who are in sales.

They are told to say certain things to draw the customer in… after all it is THEIR job to SELL the makeup, but at the end of the day, “WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?” Are we telling women that they NEED to cover up their under eye circles and blemishes in order to be more beautiful? I will admit that I feel more confident when I use makeup to put my best face forward. And, since I am a makeup artist, I like to present myself in that way. It’s also fun for me to enhance my features to the best of my ability. But- I also know that it is not what makes me a beautiful person. 

So my thought was, maybe the cosmetic industry just needs to be more mindful on their sales approach when going up to women in a department store. Don’t tell women what they NEED to FIX, tell them what you find beautiful about them… strike up a conversation, ask them how their day is going, then maybe as you connect with that person they will want to spend more time talking and if they are looking for makeup, they will trust you enough to help them with some tips and tricks. This is just a thought. :) You don’t need to fix or cover anything, you’re beautiful for how you were created and for the qualities that make you YOU-believe that! 

I wanted to wrap this up by posting a  “no makeup selfie” I took with my nephew…since USUALLY all my photos I am wearing makeup and I like to post pictures like that cause you know me and my mascara are tight like that. HAHA ;) Remember this “Just because she’s beautiful, doesn’t mean you’re not”.

photo 1-9.JPG

One of my best friends asked me one day, “Lauren, do you think you’re beautiful… do you know you’re beautiful?” I almost started crying… because I had to think about it. 

So, this is my challenge to you… ask yourself this question today, “what are the things that make me beautiful? Do you KNOW you’re beauty.” For me I must remind myself of these things daily. It’s a daily struggle and I think for many women it is.But-I’m here to encourage you!

Love you all!