ramblings-first blog

HEY!!!!!! It is about time I start my own blog, i love writing and find a sense of freedom after I get my thoughts and words out on paper. (some of them) Some i should probobly keep to myself.

Note:I tend to switch from topic to topic when I write.. this is because I always have so much Id like to share.. that it all gets blurry and just comes out in random thoughts and ideas. Try to follow along.......    

 Any questions or comments..Id love to hear them.

First off.. Id like to talk about my day yesterday. I woke up at 8 am, which is early for me ... it was refreshing though. It was a beautiful fall morning- about 58 degrees , the air was crisp and smelled like leaves. ( I love minnesota in the fall). I only travel a few blocks to work and  I love what I do.. the MAC counter was not busy , it usually isn't on a wednesday morning..but it gave me time to talk to my co-worker (we always have the best talks). A beautiful , stunningly tall woman came in and needed her makeup done for a photoshoot. We chatted about life and kids and painting-just one of the many things I found out her and I had in common. She left handing me a generous tip and I left feeling accomplished, motivated and inspired. Grabbed myself a cafe' Americano from starbucks -black with splenda and drove to class..

In my college art class.. I had a group meeting that should have taken 15 minutes  but it turned into the ramblings from the professor for about an hour but it seemed more  like five hours  I know he's got good things to say..but..i do need to be other places. What's frusterating to me is i usually leave feeling i have learned nothing. zero. I learn more when im off on my own , doin my own thing.  I'm in college to LEARN ! right..? ok

so heres a few things on my mind.. over the last few days i have been noticing several people calling me "Lady" or "Ma'am" . ok, first of all.. I am 21!! is this even right?  WHEN DID I TURN INTO A "MA'AM"??. I don't like that word.  I was just a girl yesterday. It seemed to happen over night ..  Now people say lady or maam or miss... i don't like it. not yet. My mom is called Ma'am.  so.... one of these incidents was at barnes and noble. yep -you will hear about barnes and noble a lot! get used to it.. some of my greatest thoughts come to me there.

so.. Am I a nerd? I love the bookstore...so maybe i am. I could spend hours reading and finding interesting things to get lost in. i think my fascination began in New York. I  would need an escape from my hole in the wall apartments.. and need to find somewhere relatively quiet.. so , i would take a subway ride to the nearest B&N and end up leaving late and night ..until i couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

i need to get working on editing.... and drawing my outline for my painting class. 

Song of the day: Make me whole by amel larrieux, some may say corny and romantic.. i think this song is absolutely beautiful.

God is love,