A Saturday off!?

It is Saturday morning, and I have off of work! SHOCKER!! Today is going to be a great day, I am going to my sisters baby shower! My little nephew will be here before I know it! Little Ethan. <3  The due date is November 19th so im sure within the next few weeks I will have lots to talk about. :) yay Its a strange thing when your siblings start getting married and having kids.  Jess, my older sister got married last year and I know as I was standing up there on the alter with all the other bridesmaids ..looking at my sister, I kept thinking of the days when we would take trips to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch and get spoiled by my mom.  My mom is the best, she used to take me and Jess all the time to do fun things on weekends and spoil us rotten.

 well anyway, back to marriage....so it's strange, now Jess has a husband. and soon to have her OWN child. Its excited but makes me feel old. (which im really not).

Another big transition is happening..my parents are getting a new home. They are soon leaving the house i grew up in to live somewhere a little smaller. It is  a wonderful  new home though.. I went to see it last night and it is PERFECT for them and my little bro. (He's still a Sophmore in high school).   *All this tells me is time has passed...things are changing and I am on the verge of even more changes to come. 

I also have to share that I am so happy for my mom!  She got a new job as a children's director at a  baptist church.  If you know my mom.. this is the perfect job for her. She Loves children, loves the lord and can do somthing that provides a salary while she is working for God. She spent years in a christian ministry that was completely volunteer based .. now, her long time of working has paid off.. (this just is an example of how you can turn what you love into a career..anything you want to do)

My mom was always the most Godly woman in my life when I was growing up. She is the one who taught me things and tried to bring us to church on Sundays.. haha notice the word...TRIED.  Now, I see how important it was for her to lead a good example...sure, I came to know God on my own but it was her influence that gave me the inspiration to persue him.  and for that I am forever sooooo grateful for her.  I  only hope that one day I will be just as good of an example to my kids as she was to me.

What a beautiful morning.. I can't wait to get on the road and go see my family .

Its going to be a good day.

ps..my link..lovelo.. just comes from love.. and my initials..L.O.

song of the day..amazing by Jem.

Blessings, LO