Not a bad living

Today i was scheduled to work on a photoshoot with some players from the Twins baseball team and the Wild hockey team. These are the days... that i love being a makeup artist. Fun shoots like this that are different from the everyday routine.  A few weeks back I did a shoot with  a player from the Minnesota Vikings. The pictures turned out amazing! you can see one of them.. if you go to then click on Adventure portfolio. The first photo...of the football player. thats the one! Its always so fun to see the end result of a job you worked on. When I think about it.. for about 7 straight years now work has consisted of photoshoots in some aspect.  Different locations and always somthing new and exciting.  As far back as I can remember I have  been interested in the photoshoot scene-the whole part of it.  It all began working at a little photography studio in high school ..went on to modeling and now styling.. I can now check off every aspect ive gotten to be involved in.   Theres nothing left afier that... and Friday I will be working on a wedding in Stillwater. I love stillwater in the fall.

Dont' want to be in a classroom tonight, its too wonderful outside .. i have Newswriting.