audrey hepburn

so after a long weekend of working..i have come upon a wonderful Monday. Im SO filled with joy i can't contain myself. (lol, YEA I KNOW I SHOULD STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW HAPPY I FEEL) but its too bad I can't. Nope.. sorry. I Feel like I could run a marathon..then do it again.  Ive got my overdue laundry going in the coin slot washing machines downstairs and i have sat down to finally reflect.

My weekend on Halloween started with working at MAC and it was literally a zoo. I ended up doing many halloween costume masks and makeup. Fun but challenging..i did enjoy being challenged........ Among the many clients were.. a skeleton man, a few 80's girls, betty boop, twiggy and  a peacock (this was my favorite, the mask was so fun to create. So filled with rich blues, turquoises, and greens. enough about that!

so last night I was in bed watching breakfast at Tiffanys.. an old favorite.  Before I had gone off to New york.. I remember feeling just like holly golightly in the movie. I loved watching because i felt so much of those same feelings she had. I will not go TOO  deep into this -way too personal and i will hold back ,but in the film she depicts a character so free spirited.. never having the feeling of belonging to anyone or feeling tied let anyone fully in..and always feeling the need to run away. POINT IS.. as I layed there watching this I did remember feeling this way.. but also feeling like a part of me couldn't relate  much anymore. A detatchment-from this character.

I think this is part of the reason I love movies so much....... the fact that you are seeing emotion-you are put in a different place for a short time feeling some of the same ways the character feels.  (and even sometimes- you feel like you are so much like that person.

Better go turn over my laundry to the dryer...........

love love love- Lauren