My experience at the Minneapolis Impound lot.

Yesterday I walked out my front door..and my car was gone. It was no where on the street where I had parked it late the night before. There was NO sign, NO glass.. nothing. I sorta panicked  and my mind raced with 1000's thoughts.  What did I do the night before? Did I leave my car open? Where exactly was my car parked? Could it be stolen? Towed? but for what??? I took a deep breath and walked back in .. and made a few phone calls and realized my car had been towed.

It was in the minneapolis impound lot.. but for what?! well.. I guess they were sweeping leaves off the street. (This made me furious because.. I did NOT see any sign or warning that this would be going on)  . 

Well..I had to get to work that night. so my roomate and I tried to make a quick trip to the Impound to Pick up my car. of course we had to mapquest it because we both had never been there.... the mapquest directions were soo unclear and we drove around the same street about 4-5 times trying to find just where this place was!   Finally, we get there and its SLUMMIER than SLUM  -the place is so gross and creepy  (Just the thought of my nice new car sitting amongst all the others in this slum of a place made me sad) but it was dark out by now.. so that made it all the more creepy. Thank God I had someone with me.

I pay my ticket and have to get in a van with this quiet old man... and 2 others that had there cars towed. The man in this cranky old voice says..." I only take drivers"  so, she had to leave me.  The LOT is huge so we drive around looking for the cars for a few minutes (but what seemed like much longer) . When I  Finally got back to my car I felt SO relieved!!!!  When I saw it through the window I literally yelled "LET ME OUT, I see it" haha

This felt like a strange nightmare by now and I just wanted to get out of there, (I was already late for work.)

As I was pulling out I had to stop at a drivethru window.  There was a nice sized woman sitting on the telephone.. (she didn't even ask for my ticket but i assumed I had to give it to her.) NO LIE- she was Screaming on the phone..... "JUST Give me my God DA## 5 dollars!!! YOU ARE GONNA TELL ME YOU DON't HAVE 5 DOLLARS FOR KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN".YOU OWE ME MY 5 DOLLARS!!." she never looked at me once , just kept on yelling at the poor person on the other end of the phone.

After I heard this and the gate finally went up I drove out of there so fast.  It was like I was in a dream or somthing. All of it seemed too weird.. too creepy, and too bizarre to be happening.

lol thats my story .

have a great day! hopefully I can stay out of trouble like this for a while now....

Love, LO