Girl in a coffee shop.

I woke up opened my curtains and saw snow falling on the street below.  The first snow fall of the season was today, I LOVE the snow but it was a bit gloomy.    It's strange though how just a few days ago it was in the 70's and now suddenly its a chilling temp in the 30's. I decided to take this day to myself and do some things LAUREN needed to get done.. papers and reading!!  But why keep it simple?.. and boring and chain myself to homework all day. I decided to go to a new cafe' and surround myself with a new atmostphere.  I tend to be most creative, in a quiet but public place and a coffee close by. 

So.. I decided to stop in YUM!, a kitchen and bakery on hwy 7.   As I walked in I knew this was a place I was going to enjoy.    I went to the register and ordered my usual black americano and the cup they served it in was sooo different!  It was a see thru double blown glass cup made by bodum, and had no handle like a normal coffee cup or mug would . The glass is heat resistant.   I thought these were soo cool, I gotta find myself some of these for my kitchen!!

002So this is a kitchen and bakery..and everything is made from scratch. They have fresh loaves of bread ,  soups, salads, sandwhiches and even pizza. The Bakery items include things like coconut cake, carmel apple cake, GIANT brightly colored frosted cupcakes, ginger cookies, and many unique homemad bars like nut goody bars and boston cream pie bars. Theres too much to even mention.

The Kitchen is very large and open for people to see .  Everyone there wears white chef coats and red hats.  Its adorable.

Appliances are all stainless steel..and table tops are made of either marble or wood which adds to the richness and coziness of the place. 

I asked the woman at the counter what her favorite Item on the menu is and she said, "Come in for breakfast! the breakfast items are endless and soo good." She also said their French fries, grilled cheese and  mini cheeseburgers are amazing. The girl was a college student about my age and I wouldn't doubt her..  My coffee was nothing less than perfect.  

And just to make this place even more unique and fun.. they have tables in the center set up with gifts and candy that reminds me of being a child.  Brightly colored fruit loop bars...and NECCOS -remember those things?!!! at least these are some things that remind ME of MY childhood.  They remind me of sleepovers at friends houses and trips to candy stores or (gas stations-amanda)  to buy as much candy as we could get with a dollar.

Not to mention..they had internet connection and DIET DR. Pepper at the fountain. a  BIG NERD right now going into all this detail .. but I figured I'd write a sort of review.. instead of my typical writing. 005                                                    Then I stopped and did my usual ...catch up on some good gossip with magazines at barnes and noble. And bought some movies at HALF PRICE BOOKS.. (I LOVE THIS PLACE) I got 5 movies for $2.50. Although,   I do miss the Drama book shop in the theatre district. This used to be the place I would read up on Whats going on in the Film and television world.. about new plays.. and about castings and auditions. 

 No Judging..... I think If Im getting some things accomplished I deserve to indulge in movies, trashy magazines and an overload of caffine.  

And I am just so grateful. I feel like I am alive.. rescued by love. I wrote somthing a while back and want to say it again -re-emphasizing this feeling...

  So when I surrender, put my trust in him..and follow this direction  filled with uncertainties I am blessed. Somhow I am overcome by unexpected joys. Things I didn't see unfolding in my life-at times I least expect.   The Lord is Light... the only place I find complete peace when everything else may seem a mess. Who else can I turn to and be guaranteed this pleasure?  He has never shown me any wrong so many others I have sometimes foolishly believed in.  I live hoping that others may experience this great peace God gives.. and his Love that surrounds us everyday all the time.

LOVE ***