No better time for a blog

Ive been feeling a little lightheaded all i figure why not write a blog. I don't seem to be thinking real  clearly, but i have too much homework  to ACTUALLY start working on it. so ill write.. This song, I love Nicole C. Mullen's song , Come unto me.  I always have ..probobly always will. The words always touch somthing inside of me . Evereytime I hear this matter where I am .. I feel closer to God. Its like he's calling me with these words. I suppose different songs have different ways of reaching someone because we all experience different things at different times but here is one that does that for me.

Are you looking for someone to be gentle With your broken heart Your shattered dreams Are you searching for someone who’ll be faithful To you no matter what life brings Well I know the Maker of the storm, the sunrise He is both the Lion and the Lamb He is strong enough to shake all earth and heaven Yet meek enough to take me as I am (He says).

Come unto me all who are weary And I will give you rest Bring what hurts, bring your scars, Bring the load that you carry And I will give you rest

Are the clouds above your head oh so heavy Bursting with showers of despair Do you struggle under more than you can carry? Has life given more than you can bear? Would you like to trade your failures in for victories? Like piles of ashes in for piles of gold Can you fall down like a child who is helpless So He can pick you up and make you whole

I think its amazing that God is capable of so much, he's willing and able to listen whenever we need him to and the fact that he wants us to come to him. I picture it like a mother and her child..or father and his child. As a parent.. you want your kids to come to you. And even just a phone call to say hi-im thinking of you. I think that's what God wants. He wants us to speak to him. Because he loves us.. and when you love someone.. you will listen to anything they have to say, you want to help them, be there for them in every way possible. This Song.. thats what it tells me, and I need that. I think EVERYONE needs that.

Right now Im struggling with how to balance everything. I have an employee meeting tonight  at work (At MAC) , its a group thing and we don't have many.   I enjoy being with all the girls and reflecting on the past weeks, its kinda  a bonding time, and of course, its scheduled on a day I have class and I can't go.  I wish I could give 100 percent of me to everything I do.. but truth is I CAN'T . Im trying to find that balance.

Well I will write more later. going to go try and paint a picasso or somthing.  yep.. somthing like that.