The last few days have been a circle of movies, water, and meds.  8 hours in the emergency room and being hooked up to an IV could of turned horrible was actually a silent blessing, It made me even more grateful for those in my life.    Movies Ive watched over the past couple days that I'd reccomend:

  • To die for.. nicole kidman, joaquin pheonix..really messed up and eerie. loved it though. mostly about sex, power, fame , and murder.
  • Reality bites.. good movie -about love in the 90's . funny, and fun to watch. Winona ryder, ethan hawke and ben stiller (very young funny looking ben stiller)
  • The story of Us- michelle pheifer, bruce willis, a couple trying to make things work in their marriage.  loved this.
  • Hope floats- i normally don't like country music but hearing garth brooks or just a guy in general sing the song  make you feel my love..really sweet.
  • When a man loves a woman-   romance about alcholism, family and love.
  • How to make an american quilt- this sounds like it would be hopelessly boring.. and excruciatingly sappy..but, honestly it was the movie that made me think the most.  Its about crossroads before marriage, love and relationships. 
  • oh, and im in the middle of Fools rush in. with selma hayek and matthew perry. Selma hayek is so beautiful.  my thoughts so far. cute. 


 I love movies...I've seen so many now its hard to find somthing that i think looks interesting and I havn't seen. 


hopefully tonight in painting , I    1. won't faint or feel sick, 2. learn somthing interesting