My wheather forcast page says that it is -20 outside.. and in the car it read -13. I love minnesota and I love the snow but this weather is TOO COLD for me. don't yah think eh!? lol

Tonight was my first night of  CREATIVE WRITING AND MEMIOR writing.  The first thing my professor mentioned to me is that she loved my name.. she went on saying "Lauren O'Leary" how "Lyrical" and for the first time I realized I do really like it.  In all of my 21 years.. I realized yeah..it is kinda cool. I always hated my last name and being asked how IRISH I was...

 In connection to her thoughts on my name........... the professor made us all write about our names.. WHY our parents chose that name..if we were named after anything.. if we had nicknames growing up and if we would change it.. and what would we change it to. So.. It made me think about it..... and in doing this I also realized how intrigued I am with people...peoples stories , peoples lives, where they come from, who their parents are.  I could sit and listen to people talk about themselves for hours. I love learning about others..

I wrote this tonight...during a 10 minute excercise.  I finished it later when I got home.. because I didn't feel like it was quite complete yet.  This will be turned in as my first journal entry.

I am the one who turns her dreams into reality.

I am the one who envisions her travels...likes to explore and wants to take trips.

I am the one who gets called "Lucky" but is really just blessed.

I am the one who dresses in black 5 days of the week to work at MAC between hennepin and Lake.

I am the one who adores family and would drop everything to see her brother perform.

I am the one who remembers to turn the lights off when she leaves, clean up her mess in the kitchen or send her boss a thank you.

I am the one who likes the quiet..the peaceful and still of night

I am the one who is not afraid of death and not afraid to cry.

I am the one who wants to feel LOVED more than I am liked  but I am ALSO the one who likes more than I love.

I am the one who laughs at jokes but doesn't tell them

I am the one who is curious but not invasive.

I am the one who is willing but not sure if I'm ready.

I am the one who's often called "innocent" but not at all naive.

I am the one who loves movies...fascinated by films and stories.

I am the one who is never thin enough, never rich enough and never satisfied but I am happy.

I am the one who knows I have lots to learn but also has a lot to teach.

I am the one who often lights candles at night and is content being alone.

I am the one who has a lot to say but often is hesitant to say it.

I am the one who drives off in her car when I want to find peace.

I am the one who has been hurt..but never broken.

I am the one who likes my coffee strong, and who believes sugar is never sweet enough.

I am the one who's has much to share and intends to share it.

I am the one who has great, faith, passion and strength.

I am the one who's lived " the life" but is still very young.




I would love to hear what some of you come up with about yourselves..respond to my post with 1 or a few of these same lines  I have written  beginning with I am the one who....so I can learn more about all of you who have taken time to read mine. (its fascinating to read what others write about themselves)