I write as a release at times.. I write my feelings and thoughts (sometimes not well enough thought out and executed properly) .  This is in fact WHY I am learning how to be a better writer.  Of course with any writing ..people are going to take your words and put them into their own context..or what they believe you are saying.  They will draw their own mental picture.  (so i have learned...I need to make the mental picture clearer). 

I do not have expectations that other people believe what I am saying or necessarily agree.  I write to write.  I write to release.  and .. I'm ALWAYS open to discussion.  Its what I believe helps me.

so.. tonight I will just say.

1.   I am LOVING my classes.. memoir and creative nonfiction, creative writing  and voice.  They all seem to connect and correlate somhow and I am loving it more and more everyday.

2.  I will be starting a study of Esther Wednesday.  I am really looking forward to this study as I have never really looked at this book of the bible and I know it is open for interpretation.

3. ............. good talks and Coffee shops are somthing I really treasure.

. goodnight everyone

God bless,

Lots of love