your voice.

"If God doesn't care to hear a bum note, why should we? "  I thought about this after reading it.  People are often times so concerned with sounding BAD..well what qualifies as  sounding bad?? I mean sure... in singing  there are "standards" as what we think is good( reminds me of american idol)  .. but the fact is.. our voice is unique, just like us..its like a fingerprint or a trademark.  and I am learning to recognize my natural voice and take it for what it is.. an interesting thing.  I am taking plenty of classes about writing ...... but what about my voice?  If I chose to read my writing do I really sound to others??

I have begun this voice class.. which is not about singing.. or learning to sound "beautiful".. instead it is learning to find your perfect voice.  Learning to rid the habits you have or things that inhibit you from sounding the way you want to be  really want to be heard.  Believe it or not.. we all do things that have changed our NATURAL voice since we were a child. 

In the course , we journal often and reflect about experiences that make us use our voice..we also do vocal excersies to help with breathing..because that is a huge part of how you sound.

what are these vocal excersies I speak of???  

we do things like lie on our backs on the floor and say crazy things like "Roll on through deep blue ocean roll..ten thousand ships fleet out in vain" .   and you ask why we say things like this???..well according to the professor this sentence along with others we say use all the pronunciations in the english language.  Its a "warm up" .  

well , all I will say is that if you could hear our class doing these excersises they come across as if we are casting spells or saying chants and moans which only make me want to BURST out in laughter.. I need to learn to control my laughing.   otherwise, I will get no where.   you can't BREATHE when you are laughing so much at the person next to you Moaning on the floor.

On another note , we all had to get up on the stage area with spotlights beaming down and talk about how we use our voice on an everday basis.. and people including the professor would critisize our voice (only in a good way though, to help us realize HOW we sound and what we can be doing to make it more NATURAL).

so.. what critisism did i get.. well , i got exactly what I knew i would.. " I sounded sweet and gentle"  A warmth a guy in the class said.  That made me laugh, but I guess its a GOOD quality.   UGH.... i mean yeah thats not so bad..but I expressed that I wanted to sound more authoritative.. and plan to work towards this.  Also, I really wouldn't mind a very sexy raspy voice....those are the best kinds.  If I could I would purposly strain myself so I sound raspy..but i can never seem to do it. ..and NO  SMOKING is not the answer.

thats all for tonight.

LOVE ..lo