LOVE/HATE beauty.

013 Just want to note that although this blog is for everyone to read.. it is also one of my most personal. It is not easy for me to even talk about..... it stirrs up  many emotions for me... but I feel it necessary to write about because It is so true in my life and in many other young womens lives.  A Fixation on  beauty is somthing that can ruin precious time while we are here..and that is why I am so passionate to speak about it.

I have begun week 2 of my study and a few verses and things stood out to me.  I first heard about this study on a whim..I was in church one day and someone announced there would be a study on Esther and for some reason somthing in me wanted to take this class. Each week I go..I am finding out why.  I need this.

Personally, i have a LOVE/HATE with the word beauty. and much of this explains why...

In Esther 2:3 it says.. Let the King appoint agents in each province to bring these beautiful young women into the royal harem at the fortress of Susa.  Hegai, the king's eunuch in charge of the harem, will see that they are all given beauty treatments. 

RIGHT there in that verse in 483 BC women were getting TREATMENTS for beauty.  It also says that the Beautiful young women were going to get these beauty makes you wonder. Well ..if they are already beautiful..why in the world are they going to have beauty treatments?!!? not to mention these went on for DAYS and DAYS.....

Well, that right there points out a big big issue.  Women..from a very early time were taught that beauty is somthing you DID..not somthing you are.. beauty is somthing that you can try to achieve...and this vicious cycle never ends.   This strive for beauty..strive for outward perfection is somthing we shown that we can achieve through this treatment,that hair color, these clothes, and not our body but her body.  OURS is never good enough.. media is GREAT at feeding this to us.  

Back to the book of Esther. so, all these women who were already lovely.. were given days and days of beauty treatments . why??  for 1 man. for the king..  Who would only choose 1.  He would choose the one who pleased him most. Well,the thoughts that ran through my mind were, i can't imagine the king would spend time getting to know all these women, I suppose he chose mostly off how beautiful she was so that he could FLAUNT her..along with all of his other riches.  

Beauty- Somthing you did..not somthing you are?   These 3 verses are those that are ones that I could look at everyday. and good ones to remind yourself of.

Song of Solomon 7:10  I am my beloveds and his desire is for me.

Collossians 2:10 In him you have been made COMPLETE and he is the head over all rule and authority.

Psalm 90:17  Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us..... 

Thats what I want.. the beauty of the Lord to shine through ...because in him we are already complete  we are already perfect, we all are made already beautiful.   It is not somthing we need to try to achieve outwardly..because that is only temporary.