i am not my hair

2019 The last three days...i have played the same song in my car over and over and over.

  Maybe it has to do with all this study on Esther and what a wonderful woman she was , how she set herself apart by being humble and kind and gracious ....whatever it is this song will ALWAYS have special meaning to me and remind me of a time in my life.. a very Difficult time in my life. 

I will never forget this song being played when I was doing some healing once upon a time years back.  Although this was a while ago.. Its still a struggle and the song will remind me of hard times and trying to be strong....It will always have a special place for me.  The song is "I am not my hair" India Arie.... the message is Always good reguardless of where your at or what you're struggling with your outside doesn't make you a better person....doesn't amount to who you truely are. What you have doesn't nearly come close to the person you are.  I'm sure you can relate with me and say sure.. yeah thats true, I've hearde this all before..... but do you live it out??? or do thoughts run through your head about how you look...or what you own...how much money who have or how you can flaunt it?

  Im sure you have all heard this song at one time.. but a few of the lyrics are..

I am not my hair I am not this skin I am not your expectations no no I am not my hair I ma not this skin I am a soul that lives within..... Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person? Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?  Ill also tell you a personal story.... years ago when I first started working in cosmetics for MAC I was doing freelance (which is go from store to store kind of on-call when they need you).  I always really wanted to work at the MAC store in uptown and so when they called me in to ask me to work I IMMEDIATELY said yes! I didn't care what day.. what time..I WAS there! The day happened to be my birthday Feb. 17th.. When I showed up that day... I was given an appointment with a woman in her 40's.. (now this was still one of my first times ever working for the company and I was nervous..1. because i was younger than all the rest.  2. I wanted to show them I had some serious skills! 3.  I wanted to make a good impression at the uptown store)  .

so.. i sit down with the older woman.. and i start talking to her about what she's doing that night and what she does for a living etc...investigating to find out what she may be looking for and that I can help her out with.   She told me this was her first time doing somthing for herself since her chemotherapy.  She had just gotten done with treatments for cancer..and was completely bald.... she told me she wanted to treat herself with great new makeup to just feel beautiful again.. to just perk herself up a little bit from all that she had been through the last few monthes.

As soon as I was with this woman I knew.. this was not by accident..(on my birthday, one of my first days..nervous as can be..i am in a situation that completely humbles me )   immediately I knew that my job was MORE than cosmetics.. that it could be more than just a makeup artist..and that I wanted to help women feel more beautiful.. outside and  inside.  Ill NEVER EVER forget that day. because i remember just how well it went and how much gratification I felt after talking to this woman.  And it brought me back to the song.. I AM NOT MY HAIR.. because this woman was so much more than that.  And for these reasons..INDIA ARIE's song..will ALWAYS be important to me.

I gotta go for the night..but i am just feeling so blessed and loved. And I hope everyone else is too..