ohhhh... life

Unsettling Event

What’s that saying?

The calm before the storm.

I am the calm-the cool and collected.

The circumstance is the storm,

Troubling and overwhelming.

I am at ease peaceful and still,

Like a stream of clear blue water,

Like the slow beat of a clock.

The event is disruptive and upsetting,

Like a flood washing away life,

Like an earthquake shaking the quiet.


Then the news comes startling and swift.

“He’s passed”…she says.

This is news that rings over and over in my ears.

The calm is disrupted; my peace is on-edge,

A storm has moved in.

My mind won’t stop racing with memories and thoughts.

It’s so abrupt-so unseen.

The world feels frenzied and violent.


I force myself to be still again.

I pray for the strength to go back to the calm...

I return to tranquility and attempt to move forward.