Ray LaMontagne and shoes

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ3xTjvj9tw] This guy's voice could put me to sleep everynight.. he could sing it to me.. haha. He kinda looks like Jesus. :)


it's been a long day, baby

things ain't been going my way

and now i need you here

to clear my mind all the time

and baby

the way you move me, it's crazy

it's like you see right through me

and make it easier

believe me, you don't even have to try

oh, because

you are the best thing

you are the best thing

ever happened to me


we've come a long way

and baby

you know i hope and i pray

that you believe me

when i say this love will never fade away

our words are strong and our hearts are kind

let me tell you just exactly what's on my mind.

So..I have never told the story of some stranger almost buying me shoes.  Its not really a story..more so just somthing funny worth sharing. 

NORMALLY, it is not like me to share these kinda things.. I often keep them to myself, but now looking back on them realizing how much they make me laugh..I think they're fun to share.

I was on an audition somewhere near 5th ave  in manhattan.   I came down off the eleveator and had some bags with me and my huge portfolio like i always did EVERYWHERE i went. (you know cause when you live in manhattan you walk everywhere..you can't go home and return things so anything I carried out of my home in the morning came with me EVERWHERE i went.)  so..Lugging all of this stuff around feeling kinda awkward and uncomfortable I started about my way..crossing the street.   I had just slipped my sunglasses over my eyes  when a guy dressed in a business suit and briefcase who looked about in his mid 40's stopped me and said somthing.  Usually I ignored this sort of thing.. pretending I didn't hear it..or just smiling sweetly. but he made a gesture to grab my arm and it caught me off guard. He said, "Sweetheart, you're beautiful, can I take you shoe shopping?" 

Now, when I heard this.. the thoughts that ran through  my mind were crazy.. first a little shocked that he wanted to take me shopping,  fearful of being asked to go somehwere with a strange, and may I add SHORT man, but also slightly  tempted by the mention of SHOES!  He knew us women  love shoes.. and a guy was offering to go take me shopping on 5th avenue for shoes....yes was Creepy but hey.... you can't say i wasn't known to take risks,and for a few seconds I ACTUALLY thought , maybe I should take advantage of this. haha..but hey now...I wasn't REALLY going to go with him, I do know better than that. but however, i am known to act a bit coy and cute..so i said, only if you let me call up a girlfriend and you take the 2 of us shopping together!!?    Well, to my suprise..without hesitating he said , "ok sure, Love to!"    I then proceeded to say..no im sorry I can't. i was just joking around. thanks for the offer.  The man didn't give up.  He started to get a little TOO personal then..asking me if I had a boyfriend , (although I didn't , I always said I did..just for some sort of security) I don't know what good it did though. He said, "ohh..how old is he.. i bet he doesn't take care of you like i could." 

Now, you can imagine at this point.. after these personal advances I started to think  (...ohhh dear Lauren.. what have you gotten yourself into now, tried to have a little too much fun( tempted by those darn SHOES!!!)..and now you've got yourself stuck.)  I said, i gotta go. and just kept repeating it, I gotta go.. until I could scurry down the subway station to escape.  

ohhhh the fun i used to have... (well borderline scary..) but still fun!  This is one reason I do miss the city.. never a dull moment.