Random thoughts..

072 My nephew Ethan, im in love with this little man..he's adorable.... jess and matt -you made one cute little guy.

Sunday ill be going to the Justin Nozuka concert with Jess..excited and looking forwad to that.

Today-was a different sort of day. I had MAC certification meaning I had to take a skills test. I did..passed..then went out and bought a necklace..i usually buy jewelery when i do somthing im happy about.  I started this little tradition in New york when I bought myself a necklace in soho after leaving my job (my agency). It was a very freeing moment.. a good feeling, and thats kinda how i felt today, but not only relating to MAC my job but a few other thing going on. I felt it was a different day than most.  

I also got a phone call from my mom who prides herself in NEVER getting a speeding ticket.  She was pulled over this afternoon .. for speeding.  To make a long story short, she was very dissapointed in herself. I told her to not let it ruin her day.. (somthing that seemed like she would be telling me) but today it was the other way around, suddenly i had an experience she hadn't and was giving her advice.  haha.. this DOES happen, but just not that often. I found the whole thing kinda funny.  

Ive had a really great last couple of days. One of the things I did was go to a book reading at an Irish Pub in Minneapolis.  I was very unsure about this...because i've never REALLY been to a ok reading..or poem reading or anything of that sort. however, now..having a new aspiration in writing I felt this was necessary to start getting involved in.    The night turned out AMAZING.  First off..everyone reading was from Ireland and all had IRISH accents.. they read bits about the books they've written and it was extremely inspirationl.  It made me want to get up on the mic. and and read as well.  Also, it re-inforced the fact that I am proud of my IRISH decent and really want to go to Ireland.

With St.patricks day coming up and all wouldn't that be a cool vacation!!! Too bad..my spring break is almost over. 


I would like to add how proud I am of my younger brother.  Tonight I watched him perform yet again.. he is getting so mature and his voice and confidence is really developing.  I love going to watch him sing and will forever be one of his best fans.  Also, would like to say how proud I am that he got nominated to go on a trip to Europe in his high school for a music ensamble.  Go Matty.. Love you bro

peace and love.