Lessons about writing

After my writing class last night (memoir and creative nonfiction) I'd like to tell you a few brief things I learned.  Stick with me.. this could pertain to any writing , not just memoir and nonfiction.

1. Don't hold yourself  back from putting somthing down on paper or leave out the juicy details in fear that someone may read it. It's important to be specific. We are human and im not saying all our thoughts are good to be published!!!   but- don't worry too much about what others are going to think.  Trying to summarize events is boring and if your fearful a certain someone may catch hold of it and read it.....stop, don't go there!! because they could just be.. the next VICTIM of your paper.

2. People ARE interested in GRAPHIC detail, the more RAW and BLUNT the better......

3. If you are having a hard time writing about somthing, (such as a past experience) maybe you're not ready to write about it.  It may come out better if you wait a while .  For Example-writing about a difficult time can sometimes be really hard!! You have to force yourself to get SO deep into it that it seems you are Re-living the experience.  So if you're having a hard time....don't write about it. Save that story for another time.

4. NEVER and i mean NEVER let your mom change things in your paper!!! Such as the phrasing.. she may be able to catch a spelling error or punctuation edit but the point is  don't let it happen!  There is a reason mom isn't a writer!

5. If you change the title more than 5 times then you're probobly not on the right track. The TITLE affects the whole piece, spend a little TIME and think about it harder!!!!!

6.  FOCUS on somthing SMALL-smaller than you think!! take one IDEA ..or even a one or two hour scene and expand.  Trying to summarize 4 years in a 6 page paper is do-able but probobly kinda bland.

7.  If your writing about somthing that means somthing to you..that your Hearts really in, It's going to be worth reading no matter what.  You have to REALLY love what you're writing about.    People can tell!

<3 That concludes my lessons about writing for now.