do you ever feel like?

Do you ever feel like what you have to say is not very important? I've been thinking this a lot LATELY.. and I don't like it..because I do believe that we all of things worth sharing.

 For me- I like to write down as a release and because I love to write in general!!   I like to post inspirational things that have impacted me and I hope can impact others, new music, etc etc..

I like to share my faith... and I also hope to be a source of encouragement.

For me this blog is my starting point... a dabble in the world of writing while I am persuing it in school.

I've been thinking about having more of a MAIN FOCUS for my  blog.. instead of bits and pieces of my life.But I need opinions as to what that main FOCUS could be.

My question is ...if you think there is somthing on my blog more interesting than other things to read about ..let me know.   I'd like to hear what you think I should be writing about? What keeps you interested, and wanting to read more? I'd like to write for myself but also for I'm curious to know what you think.  


and lots of love-LO