Green Mustang

Hey Everyone! It is April 14th and it is soo beautiful out!!!!!

Every day I'm seeing more and more animals emerging.  Last night while I was asleep I heard this high pitched screeching out my window. Ive heard bunnies scream when they are attacked  :-(   ..i thought it was that.  The noise continued for quite a while  so I looked out my windows and saw 2 huge fat racoons playing or fighting. One was chasing the other until finally one ran all the way up into a tree that stretches above our house. Then it stopped and I was able to go back to bed. They were SO LOUD though! ........... had they of continued I might of thrown somthing out my window just because they WERE keeping me up.


This is where I'm off to today...I have my voice class this afternoon. This picture is from one of the campus windows.. in the background you can see a bit of the city.

After that I will be spending the day with my Man. Happy birthday darling!

I have to share one more thing before I get going. You know about my love of cars...yes, I have a weak spot for them if you don't know already.  Yesterday- I saw 3 mustangs and for some reason they were particularly drawing my attention.  I spotted this mint/lime green one in  a parking lot and seriously knew I had to take a picture of it. I just thought it was beautiful...I really would love to drive it. take it. Own it!


Thats all for today. Love-LO

Do any of you have a favorite car? If so...what is it?