Feels so gooooood!

 I can't believe how warm it is outside 80 degrees. Perfect day for citron green Ice tea. I finished my nonficiton and memoir class portfolio!!! hooray! :) 

It feels so good to have it done and is sort of like a launching pad for me. This portfolio includes..

  • Paper no. 1 -6 pages
  • Revised paper no.1
  • Revision Narrative for paper no. 1
  • Paper no. 2- 9 pages
  • Revised paper no.2
  • Revision Narrative for paper no.2
  • Paper no. 3 - 11 pages
  • Revised paper no. 3
  • Revision narrative for paper no. 3
  • Self Assessment of my writing style  in nonfiction/memoir
  • Response to literary reading - ( I went to an irish pub to hear irish authors read)

It's been a pretty productive day thus far...Besides for my port.  I got in a good weight training sesh...and cleaned my bathroom and bedroom. (we're having visitors)


I heard a little frank sinatra while I was out driving today.

 Frank just makes you feel good..doesn't he?! He does for me anyway. 

Here's James Morrison singing "If you don't want to love me" . Great song. As you can tell.. I can't get enough of his voice.


oh!! And Ive been doing very good on my cutting back on coffee..I think I'm adjusting because I keep getting headaches but their subsiding a little more everyday.. feeling good.