Crazy LOVE

Hi guys! I have somthing very exciting I Want to talk about.. its a new book I started reading today. It is called CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan.  If you want to know more about it you can go to this website and read about it some more. There are also videos on there and I would reccomend watching the introduction or even the first chapter video.

I have been hooked since I opened it up ..and can't wait to share more after I am through reading it. The book so far is about being a "lukewarm" christian. It asks many questions that get you thinking about your relationship and view of God.  So far the most significant point brought up is that most of us growing up who already know about God can sometimes fall into periods of time where we feel like God is just a small part of our life.. we know he is there.. we try our best to stay away from sin and go to him quickly in prayer and then forget.

The title of this book "CRAZY LOVE" is describing how our relationship with God should be.. could be...the author says," when you're wildly in love with someone, it changes everything."  Are we Crazy in love with God? Are we absolutely in Awe at his unconditional Love for us. I know thats where I want to be in my relationship with him.

 God is LOVE. (pick up this book, and I'd love you to share you're thoughts with that we can grow together)


On another note~ on several occassions Royce has said to me..have you seen the "everything video". He is referring to Lifehouse's song Everything video.  There are several skits you can watch on youtube that are quite humbling that demonstrate sins of the world and how God is stronger and more powerful than all of them- and that he never leaves us.

Last night I watched this video again and have listened to this song 4 times today.. each time reflecting on this new book I am reading.... it is a beautiful song and I can't just listen to this song and not be touched by the lyrics.. so I decided to post a video.

 I love you Royce...


And finally , I have to end this with a picture of the Albino squirrel that lives at Royce's house. I know this is so strange to post a picture of him in this post...but I had to fit him in too.  You might think he's funny lookin but I think he's just so Darn cute and I promised Allyssa I'd post a picture ;)