A free Thursday..time on my hands.

Hey!! Its thursday evening and it was so beautiful outside today and Let me tell you ..it was so nice to have a day just to relax and do whatever I wanted. All to myself!  I did a lot of things that needed to GET DONE ...... including cleaning, organizing, and shopping (just a bit). And somthing I've been wanting to do for a long time- I took my computer that had crashed about a year ago in to get the files from the hard drive.

 Turns out.. I got all of them back ( ALL OF MY PICTURES FROM NYC! every one of them!! 3100 pictures. Memories of my old house, my  7 different residences in NYC,  my sisters wedding....and so and and so on.)

I got creative so I went to the craft store and decided I would put together a little holder for my Makeup brushes...

I got a square clear vase.. got some (purple) colored stones..and put a gold ribbon around the top. Now the brushes I use day to day have a place to hang out on display instead of in a drawer or bag.  (If you click on the pictures you can see them a little bigger)


I started reading another book today and a few lines that stood out to me were:

God's Love is the Love that never fails. The unfailing Love that we all desire comes from him.

God Almighty is enthralled by your beauty. He has looked into your eyes, called you by name and asks you to come into his arms.

You have been made by God for God and apart from him there will always be emptiness in your soul.

All of these were in a book I'm reading by Angela Thomas. Just beautiful and reaffirming lines that I needed to hear today.

Talk to you all soon.


(What's everyones favorite thing to do on a day off????  I find that I Get so much done if I'm by myself and have nothing going on! )