1 word..prom season.

Its definately started... Prom Season. Yesterday spent the day at work and today and sunday I will do the same.... (the weekends breeze by when I'm working). And yes....its is time for Junior and Senior high school Prom's.

At MAC we get storms of girls coming through the doors to get their makeup done for Prom.Β  It can wear on you...(to say the least).Β  ***so, drinking my green tea this morning this saying was on my teabag.

" Compassion has no Limit, Kindness has no enemy"

I think thats the phrase of the season to get me through.... cause it's hard to be patient sometimes. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Love, LO

(What's everyones plans for Mothers day tomorrow?? Anything special planned? I'm a little dissapointed because I have to work, but I'll make time to see my mom.)