days like this

Do you ever have days that you just think....I'm really lucky or just really blessed?  Well, days like today remind me how lucky i truely am. Work was as I expected, extremely busy and chaotic! But I think I thrive in the chaos. It turns out that little sentence I mentioned this morning about compassion and kindness really did help out because I thought of it a lot today as I was getting pulled in all different directions.

The reason I feel so blessed is because I have a job that I truely enjoy..somthing I'm good at and I love. I also am enjoying school so much............writing is a blast! haha sounds funny, but it really is. so, I'm not working somewhere just to make money...I'm not doing somthing just for the heck of it. (and im very grateful for that).

What made me realize this today was just talking to a girl while doing her makeup for prom.  She said somthing along the lines of I wish I could be doing your job. I think it would be so fun...  and she went on to tell me that she is also majoring in writing. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. Girls will tell me their aspirations while I am working with them and it makes me feel empowered.  It just made me realized how fortunate I am to be doing things that I love. <3

Hope ya'll have  a relaxing night like I'm about to have.

What are you most thankful for? What in your life makes you feel really really lucky?