Monday Afternoon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Mothers Day. I see my mom frequently because she works down the it's not such a big deal to grab coffee with mom. Yesterday I had to work so that's all I had time for.. but, I can always do somthing special for her any other day of the week. Who says it has to be ON MOTHERS day.. My weekend flew by! I don't understand how it goes so fast? 

I learned 3 things this weekend about being a makeup artist. This  applies to the situation SOMETIMES, not always: And typically this applies to the MAC store. Not if I was doing runway shows...

1. Slow down

2. Make small talk

3. Compliment & find some way to relate to your customer.

Both lead to bigger tips. :-) And that's always nice.


I've been seeing Tulips everywhere lately.. I don't know if I'm just more aware of them.....or what. But, they are pretty. Does anyone love the flower section and Lunds like I do? I work next door to a Lunds Grocery store and literally every time I go in there the flowers seem to be more and more beautiful. I stop to look at them all every time.  Maybe it's just the Lunds in Uptown. If you havn't noticed...Look! They're amazing.

I have quite a bit to do today and that includes..... ENJOY MY LAST DAY OF FREEDOM.

Yes, I've had a house to myself the past few days - but not technically because a certain someone's been coming over almost every day. Geez....not that I mind ;)  

I also  start my Summer classes at school tomorrow.   Not sure how I feel about this one. Ive been LOVING school lately..but this girl needs a break! For real.. A REAL BREAK! like a vacation....

oh.. and I finished up with 3 A's and a B plus. Not bad , Not bad at all. You can say I was pretty  happy about how this semester went.