So it begins..

Hey everyone! It's Tuesday morning and in about 2 1/2 hours I will start my summer classes for school.  They are mostly all writing and grammar classes.  I'm looking forward to them-but always feel apprehensive the first day.  It's kinda like...uh oh , what have I gotten myself into?  It's just a nervous anticipation that the class will be somthing good and somthing I can handle. 

FYI- I have never had a class I simply cannot handle... (Except for that chemistry class in My first year of college, but that doesn't count.)  However, the point is that I am always curious about what the first day will be like.


I caught a few pictures of these flowers yesterday...or shall I say Trees outside my mom's work. (she works at church and I go there often to visit her)  These were just so beautiful I had to take a few photos..I don't know what they were but I would love it if my house was surrounded in these white trees someday.


So , I don't know what these are.. but I love them. ..I'll nickname them the purity trees. Because, their in front of the chruch and they're all white. :) haha


So, it begins. I will post tomorrow about the great adventures of today.

oh and MAC makeup artist tip of the day.......Love Nectar lusterglass really does work for everyone. Its my favorite and I was excited to see on the MAC website  that this was also  pro artist Gregory Arlt's favorite that he says he can use on anyone.

Have a lovely day