Mr. Hall is my Vocab Teacher?!

Hey Everyone!.. So I said I would reflect on my first day yesterday and I'm about to.

First class-VOCABULARY STUDY. I realized only about 10 minutes into this class that I really need this! It's always good to expand the vocabulary..right?! It's going to be a lot of work... a LOT.

The positive side to this class is the professor . What I am about to say are just the FACTS.  My teacher reminds me of MR. HALL from Clueless. :) I guess it's a good thing... they have almost the same voice and they even look somewhat similar.  So- you can assume..sitting in class yesterday I felt like I was in clueless, which makes this class all the more enjoyable.  But we all know.. I'm nothing like Alecia Silverstone. ;)

What I appreciate about this guy... is he is very passionate about his vocabulary. You can tell he really Loves words. He gets excited talking about the dictionary and c'mon.......... he designed the class and wrote the textbook.  Passionate TEACHERS make the very best kind. If you can tell they love what they's usually a much more enjoyable and inspiring. :)  so , I am looking forward to it!!

Somthing he said that I appreciate. "Learning is easier than Memorizing". 

I found a little clueless Trailer and decided to post it , I couldn't resist. If you don't know who MR. HALL is.... well I'd be suprised - but he is the teacher in the first part of this clip. 



The second part of my day was my other class .....Children and the Media. I am thinking about being a media studies minor..... Therefore, I am fishing. By fishing I mean... testing the waters...trying out classes to see what I am most interested in other than writing.

For now its a coffee shop and favorite.

Tonight I have a team meeting at the Good old MAC store. Talk to you all soon.



God bless,

Love Lo