Heat makes people crazy

Hey guys!! 90's here in minnie....that's pretty hottttt for May.ESPECIALLY considering I remember when my car said -5!!!!

I've been noticing some crazy driving going on...(like I said I had a little fender bender a few days ago) NOT GOOD!!005

Besides for the heat and my Zen Green Tea's from Starbucks.......002

I've been noticing how GREEN everything is getting.......003

Minnesota really is beautiful.

My Vocabulary Class never ceases to teach me somthing new. My professor is good at explaining things in full detail and each day we learn new words. I think a few of my favorites I discovered today were...

  • Tautology-Noun.. Repetition or redundancy.
  • Lugubrious-Adjective...Mournful, dismal or gloomy.
  • Monolithic- Adjective...Massive, solid & Uniform.
  • Soporific- Adjective...Drowsy, sleepy
  • Superfluous-Adjective...Being beyond what is required or sufficient.
  • Tempestuous- Adjective...Tumultuous, stormy

Also by doing this I'm realizing Adjectives are usually the most fun parts of speech to say. I know how that sounds..pretty geeky. :-)

Onto another topic.. music. Yesterday in my car I heard two songs that transported me right back to childhood memories. The first:  Kokomo by the beach boys. Ahhhh yes. That song will ALWAYS remind me of me and my elementry school friends making up dances in my living room. 

As a child I used to make up dances a lot. This was mostly through elementry school. I remember pulling this giant wood table we had into the living and standing on it like it was a stage with a friend or two and making up dances as the song played.. MANY songs we would do this to,  but Kokomo will always remind me most of dancing.

The other song was Sophie B. Hawkins..As I lay me down. Remember this one....

As I lay me down to sleep This I pray That you will hold me dear Though I'm far away I'll whisper your name into the sky And I will wake up happy

I wonder why I feel so high Though I am not above the sorrow Heavy hearted Till you call my name And it sounds like church bells Or the whistle of a train On a summer evening I'll run to meet you Barefoot barely breathing

 I think in 3rd grade I listened to this song about 800 times over and over again.. ALL my friends liked it at the time.  It's funny to think back to songs and music that you liked then and how they stay with you.

Well I have to get back to Vocab study.

What are your most memorable childhood songs?? ( FYI these are not my FAVORITES.....these two are just very memorable. When it comes to music ...theres too many good songs to name Favorites.)

Love, Lo