Evening with the Family

So last night, I came home to spend the night with my family! It was well worth the hour drive to their house just for the short time we got to spend together. Earlier yesterdayI was plugging away at tons of homework-papers mostly!

  • Star Trek Reivew- Check!
  • Media Influence on my Life report- Check!
  • Popular Press report-Check!
  • And Vocab Flashcards-Check!

You can say I was pretty productive, but would you believe it thats only the beginning! Since I'm taking summer classes, all the work is packed in since there are less weeks.

side mirror image
side mirror image


This weekend at MAC we came out with a new collection, Style Warrior.Β  I love the animal print and the the whole tribal feel.
SWI.jpg image by JennySeattle
Have a great weekend Everyone!