A song Lauren Loves

Hope everyones having a great week!! I found a word that pretty much describes my mood lately...and that word is

  • LASSITUDE-  weariness of body or mind from strain. 

The last few days I've wanted to write and have had all these ideas but it has seemed meaningless to a hundred other things I feel I have on my mind and have going on right now. but- I did not forget that writing helps make me feel better so here I am.  So here I am BLAMBERING. ( aka blog rambling)

It's wednesday evening and I have my first big vocab test tomorrow. Yuck! I've been sleeping  Studying my 400 words most of the day.  The only upside of this.. is that tomorrow after the test I have plans to drive home to see my family. ( I need to go home to take my car into the shop to get fixed) but spending an evening with them will be great! I love family!

I get so caught up sometimes in feeling overwhelmed and having a million other things to do that I forget to just stop and remember it's not about me. It's about God.  All my little things here on earth are miniscule to What's really important.  Somthing the other night happened that made me realize how great it is to pray with someone you Love.  It really empowers me when I pray with someone else. It helped calmed me down and helped give me SOME peace to sleep through the night.

Today I have decided to post easily one of my favorite songs. The Scientist. It just moves me.. I can't really explain it other than that.

Have a great night everyone