Think about it.

I hope you know how much I try, to forgive and forgive and just look on by.

It rattles me deep inside my soul,

and eventually it's going to take it's toll.

My struggles are enough on their own to fight,

then deal with the thoughts I get of you late at night.

I wish it to stop almost every day,

and hope you find healing in a new way.

It's scary to deal with the changes ahead,

and frightens me more to think of the thoughts in your head.

I know life is about taking risks and lending your trust,

but if you can't do this alone, getting help is a must.

It's hard, I can't help you on my own,

but just know that you are never alone.

I wish I was strong enough to help you out,

but the places you've gone I can do little about.

It's  a very big deal, it hurts me inside,

I cannot take it lightly, for you I have cried.

One day at a time it feels I am slowly unraveling,

and to escape the pain, I will be traveling.

A new adventure, a new life ahead,

these sins can lead to a life full a dread.

It will end up affecting me, like it already has done,

I just hope it stops, before the evil has won.

Somthing to think about..

Love, LO