Great things to do in Minnesota

Since Royce and I have been back home it feels like we have been busy busy busy. There is something that we're doing pretty much everyday. It's a change from our first six months together in Vancouver...where we had to go out of our way to make something happen. It wasn't like this all the time but most the time it was one of us saying, "let's go out and find something to do." In the past few days we have:

  • taken a trip to the country to visit my family and barbeque
  • Gone for Bike Rides -about 5 miles yesterday
  • Played lots of Volleyball
  • Played and watched Softball
  • Had some good down time with friends
  • Royce is substitute teaching
  • I went out with a few friends in uptown
  • I've done some article writing
  • Royce is trying to teach me Greek (right now the Greek alphabet)

I could probobly keep going.. but it's been lots of fun. As we were driving to my parents we went through a hail storm but it was worth it. BBQing with my parents was fun.. they made pretty amazing Shishkibobs..(is that how you spell it?) and corn on the cob (i forgot how good that is!), and roasted potatoes. It was pretty great.


Next week I start working again: And, I'm excited to talk about my life again as a makeup artist. Yesterday, I went to a place in uptown with some girls from work. And, it was the best ever. I'm so glad I can do that again! I've missed these people lots. They're like my second family.

Scripture verse for the day & one that I love:

Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, . . . dwell on these things. PHILIPPIANS 4:8