Rain Rain… Rain Cosmetics…

Hope you all had a very fun and safe 4th of July weekend! I made sure to spend plenty of time relaxing and having a good time before my first day back at work today. (Oh, and the job.. it went great. I love working with makeup and helping people feel more fabulous! ) Another awesome thing about my weekend was the opportunity to play with and wear some new makeup . I've tried and tested a few products from "Rain Cosmetics."  Here's the list:

  • Lip Therapy in "pearl"
  • Silky dual eyeshadow in "Samba and Woo"
  • Eye Brow Gel in "brown"
  • Perfect Cream foundation in "bone" &
  • Setting loose powder in " transluscent"

The first thing I noticed about this makeup was the beautiful packaging. I have to admit that when a product is wrapped and packaged pretty it usually makes the make-up seem more enticing. All of the "Rain"  packaged boxes were a beautiful light blue and reflective. And, the makeup casing was also the light reflective blue.. along with the lip therapy in a "rain drop" shape! (how cute :-)!!!)

Here's a breakdown on my experience with each product:

Lip Therapy: This lip product feels so good on the lips. I am so used to wearing more highly pigmented long lasting product that this lip in a rain drop was sooooooo soothing on the lips. It made my lips feel really soft and smooth and NOT A BIT sticky. It has a coconutty-mint smell that I loved and I felt good putting this on my lips at all times of day. Especially at night when my lips need overnight hydration! (My husband said he enjoyed kissing me with this on. That's a huge plus!)

The only opportunity I saw with this product was an easier applicator. The raindrop is ADORABLE but I definately used a lip brush with this. On another note though... makeup is not ALWAYS practical.. it's usually more fun when it's cute!

Silky Dual Shadow: I loved the shades I tried Samba and Woo because it's a duo that would be great to bring when traveling. It's small and compact and the two colors were great for a lid/crease combo. Also WOO, the lighter color made a GREAT under brow highlight color.  I'd love to try more of these color combos!!

Eye Brow Gel: This brow filler -inner is so easy and fast to use. Now that I have dyed my once blonde locks a dark brown I have been looking for a eyebrow filler, or gel set that makes my brows a closer color to my hair.  This does the job in about a minute. It looks JUST LIKE a mascara and can even be used as a mascara. So, that means this would be easy to bring along on a trip or even in your purse to use 2 ways! I love this stuff and will probobly have to keep replenishing. Oh! And, it doesn't smear.. even when my face was sweaty (hey, I had been playing volleyball) this gel didn't smear or smudge.

Perfect Cream foundation: I am pretty picky with my foundation and I loved how creamy this felt on my skin. Also, the coverage is unbelievable. If you are looking for something that has good coverage and goes on super creamy you would love this foundation. I tried using this with both a brush and sponge and found that the makeup brush gave it a little bit of a lighter application.

In the last few days I have found that I love using this foundation as a quick fix in my purse. It works so well as a concealer. The creamy texture is something I LOVE in a concealer but in a foundation I needed some powder to give me a little bit less of a shiny appearance. I think this makeup would be AWESOME on camera because of it's dewiness.

Setting Loose Powder: This is a very soft, very gentle powder. I tried it on my face over my foundation and alone and I liked it all alone better than over foundation. This made my skin really soft and silky when using it alone. And, I got the "transluscent" color. It also comes in colors "medium and tropical ".

I was suprised at how much coverage the loose powder did have. You really only need a little bit...but i loved how gentle, and soft this powder felt on my skin. I'm excited that I now have a loose powder to wear alone if I want to skip foundation.

***I also forgot to mention that Rain Cosmetics has been used on celebrities such as, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Joanna Krupa, Denise Richards, Donny Osmond and so many more... to take a look at more information about Rain Cosmetics you can go to.. http://www.raincosmetics.com.

**** Note: Rain Cosmetics was kind enough to send me these products to try and test. But, they did not compensate or  influence what I wrote on this site.

If you would like to talk to me any more about my experience with Rain Cosmetics e-mail me at leolucky777@yahoo.com . I'd love to hear from you!!!

Psalm 45:11 The King is enthralled by your beauty, honor him for he is your God.