Let me tell you about Sigma Makeup Brushes

I am so excited to share a new discovery of mine. It is Sigma makeup and their awesome makeup brushes! I first heard about Sigma from a friend who used to work in cosmetics with me. When I heard that this company started in Minnesota I really wanted to find out more about it.

It wasn't until I found out that they have awesome handmade makeup brushes that I really wanted "IN" on this company. I had the pleasure using these brushes for the last few days and I am a VERY happy camper. First, let me tell you a little about Sigma the brand.

Sigma was born in Minnesota and their first full time employee started in 2009. All of the Sigma products are hand made and they are best known right now for their professional makeup brushes. They have multiple sets of brushes such as the "Sigma Essential Brush Kit (for face and eyes)" , and the "Sigma Makeup Professional Premium Brush Kit."

I have been working with the " Professional Premium Brush Kit."

Right there on the handle it says "Large Powder". I LOVE that Sigma does this because there are so many times when you are teaching or showing someone how to use a brush but they forget what you used it for. This would be great for someone who is just starting out with makeup brushes or makeup in general for an easy guide. It's organized and easy!

I will say...I have been working with makeup brushes for about 11 years and I don't think there are any real "rules" to makeup brushes. If you can use it for a particular function, "eye, lip, face" whatever it may be....use it. I don't think there should only be one particular brush for one particular feature. But, this easy guide on the brush handles is GREAT because it is what is "normally" used when doing makeup.
I also think these brush rolls are great! Sleek, black, simple.
 It's a great way to carry around your brushes if you're traveling, or a makeup artist. I even just like to have my brushes in the roll at home. It makes my life feel more organized.
Another really cute feature that Sigma has for their makeup brushes is the BRUSH BELT! Check this out...

Now, anyone can feel like a makeup artist! This Sigma brush belt comes in black and pink and is $29.
If you want to check out what Sigma has to offer you can go to there website...http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=202
****Note: Sigma makeup was kind enough to send me some makeup brushes to try and test out. In no way did they influence what I have written about in this post.
Another thing I want to mention tonight is that I feel really good about doing Feed My Starving Children with a group of highschoolers from church.
This is a Christian organization that  strives to eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by helping to instill compassion in people to hear and respond to the cries of those in need.
I would encourage anyone who feels like they want to do some charity work to check this program out. It's a wonderful feeling to know you are doing such good. Here is the link. FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN.
Blessed are those who are generous, because they feed the poor. Proverbs 22:9