Searching for the Perfect Concealer/Peter Thomas Roth

Concealer is one of those things that everyone loves. But, it's also something everyone hates if they feel like they need to use it. Let's face it- many days..concealer is our BEST FRIEND. From dark circles, to blemishes, freckles or age spots... a little concealer can boost our confidence on a day we are not feeling so HOT.  So, who makes the perfect concealer? Well.. I don't have the answer and truthfully I know there's not one out there. But, I do know of some great ones. Some that really really work. One is Peter Thomas Roth's "Un-Wrinkle.. Conceal and Brighten." 

This guy was the Winner for "Best Concealer" in the Star Beauty Awards 2010. It is a stick that has a 3 in 1 purpose; to conceal, to brighten and to fill in fine lines around the eye area. 

It contains things such as Licorice root  which helps to brighten the skin and also acts as an inflammatory. It also has vitamins A, C and E to protect against free radical damage. 

The concealer costs $35 and comes in shades light/medium or medium deep.  

I've been using this for a little over a week and I think it's a great working concealer/brightener and compact enough to carry with me in my purse or even my wallet.  

The concealer is very lightweight yet covers very well and doesn't settle into fine lines. The brightener on the other end is pretty shiny and works great  for an under the eyebrow highlighter, or on the top of the cheekbone right on the outside edge of the eye. Sometimes, highlighters just don't "highlight" enough...but this one really does the job. It is bright and luminous.  


The only qualm I have about this product is the size vs. price. I can tell that if I use this everyday for the next month or so, I am going to run out. (That is not exact, but a guess). I would love it if the concealer and brightener on the end of each side were a little larger for $35.  

But, the positive of this is.. It's an EXCELLENT quality concealer and brightener. It's conveniently packaged and easy to apply so if you can spend a little extra it is worth trying.  

Concealer is one of those things, you gotta try a couple to see what works best for YOU! If you want to check out Peter Thomas Roth's conceler/brightener/and wrinkle fighter check out this link. 

****Note: Peter Thomas Roth did send me this product on a review trade basis. In no way did they influence this review.  


What would I do with out my assistant product tester????? 


Bear (my assistant product tester)

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