LUSH : Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I remember the first time I heard about LUSH... it was a few years ago when I was living in New York. A friend of mine had said, "I have to get a gift at LUSH and ship it back home. Their soaps are amazing!" I have come to learn that LUSH carries not only soap but bath products, hair products, shower, skincare and fragrances. Their products are handmade, they use fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and they prefer to make products with little to no packaging for a more "naked" effect. The "naked" products they sell are: bath bombs, bubble bars, massage bars, shampoo bars, solid facial cleansers and body butters.

When a package came for me in the mail of some of the lush products I was ecstatic! Before these products I had never used ANYTHING from Lush. But, I had heard about it. The products I was able to try were:

Eau Roma Water- A spray toner that contains rose and lavender.

Ocean Salt- A face and body scrub that contains lime, coconut, and grapefruit juice and vodka, along with sea salt.

Lemony Flutter-Cuticle butter

Mask of Magnaminty-A green pepperminty face mask.

Silky Underwear- A silky smooth fragrent dusting powder.

Before I say anything about my experience so far with these products I must say...did they send me their best?! Because, these masks, powders, butters and toners are unlike anything I've tried. After I played with these products, it only made me think.. how must the rest of their line be? I must try it all...

 Eau Roma Water

I think this product is great for summer! It's refreshing and hydrating. It made my skin feel very cool when I sprayed it on and the lavender scent was relaxing. I not only sprayed it after washing my face but also with makeup on. It kept my makeup in place and didn't do much to smear it.

Another way to use it is to spray it on a cotton pad and wipe all over the face to refresh the skin.

Ocean Salt

Not only does this blue salt scrub look cool in the jar (like an ocean...) but it made my skin really soft after using it. The scrub is thick and has large sea salt chunks in it. It's very gritty because of the salt but feels just fine on the skin. After my face was so smooth. This also has the most interesting smell! It says it is infused with lime, coconut, grapefruit and vodka! I could definitely smell the lime and grapefruit in this!

Lemony Flutter

I am in love with this "cuticle butter". To me, it felt thicker than most body butters I have tried and it really helps my feet. I stand at work all day and have been known to have some pretty "banged up" feet. It makes my heels feel so good. Also, the lemony smell is to die for. I love it. Lemon reminds me of being clean!

Mask of Magnaminty

As a teenager I remember putting on green avacodo masks and cucumbers on my eyes with friends. Well, this is like the "grown-up version of the green mask. This minty mask has such an uplifting and cool scent. It's very minty and feels great on the skin. It's very cooling. It contains evening primrose seeds and ground aduki beans. I don't know if it's both or one or the other of those ingredients,  but this mask is also an exfoliator for the face. So, when you go to wash it off you can make light circles with your fingers to exfoliate.

Silky Underwear

Well, it says it right on the container, "tiny grains of cocoa butter lightly moisturize the skin." This powder not only is light and silky but it smells great and makes my skin feel soft. And what woman doesn't like her skin to feel softer?! And, what man doesn't like his woman's skin to feel softer. Not only does it feel good on...but it's a great accessory for the bathroom! A conversation starter for sure!

So, now if you go into a Lush store, you'll have some ideas of products you know are great. For gifts or for yourself! You can look into more products at 

***Lush did send me these products on a trade for review basis..but these are my honest thoughts and in no way did they persuade or tell me to say anything I have written.


And, speaking of beauty... isn't this a gorgeous sunset!? I caught this driving home just a few days ago. A sweet Minnesota Sunset.

Psalm 45 :11 The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.