Splendid Philosophy!



Words that come to mind when I think of Philosophy are: clean, classic, creative and simple.  

Philosophy is a skincare and cosmetic company that has little “philosophy’s” about each of their departments. For example: 

  • Makeup “supernatural is beautiful”
  • Skincare “the best cosmetic is great looking skin”
  • Bath and Body  “ showering should be multi-sensory”
  • Fragrance “smell good , feel good”

You will almost always find pictures of cute children on their packaging and all letters are in lowercase. This tells me that Philosophy is whimsical, and wants to bring back the creativity and curiosity of childhood into our beauty and skincare routines. 

The first thing I ever tried from Philosophy was their perfume  “falling in love”. You could say I “fell in love” with this fragrance. It’s a very sweet fragrance that leaves you feeling like a kid again. 


Just recently I got a chance to try a few more Philosophy products. 

Hope in a jar is an award winning moisturizer that is also a gentle exfoliant for the skin to leave the skin glowing. 

The moisturizer is white, very creamy and looks almost souffle’ like. It looks rich but actually goes on pretty sheer. I like this hope in a jar for nighttime, since during the day I like to use next to no moisturizer. It has a very light floraly scent. 

The supernatural  is a 4 in 1 product. It’s a foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen in one. It comes in multiple different shades for a variety of skin colors. The bottle has a small mirror on tip and a sponge/pad applicator inside. 

I love that this is only takes about a minute to apply. It is that EASY. This product is great for the summertime when little to no-makeup is the way you want to go when you’re outdoors and active. I was surprised at how much coverage it did have but I still like a liquid foundation for a fuller coverage. I also wish to see this foundation in a pressed form rather than loose at some point. 



The Microdelivery is an exfoliating face wash that gives you a “mini peel” in the shower. It is gentle and can be used daily to give you a healthy glow.   

I LOVE exfoliating and probably do it too often…but, I love that this product is gentle enough to be used daily. 

It is a BEST SELLER of the philosophy line…and I can see why. It works great, feels great, and comes at a great value. It’s $25 dollars for 8 oz. 

The one thing I felt like it could use was a better smell. It has a sort of light soapy smell but why not have something really refreshing!? 

If you'd like to take a look at these products on my review or any others you can go to http://www.philosophy.com

**Note: Philosophy did send me some product for review but in no way did they have any say in what I've written in this review.

Speaking of cute kids.... here's my nephew!

Genesis 1:27 

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