2-Minute Teeth Whitener/ Paula’s Choice

I have something very new and exciting in the beauty world to talk about! Maybe you have heard about it..but I hadn't when I first tried it.  It's a little stick that Paula's Choice makes called the "Brighten Up 2-Minute Teeth Whitener. 

I've always been very conscious about having white teeth. When I was living in New York modeling, I did a trade show for a teeth whitening company just for some free whitening treatment. It helped a little but I remember it wasn't worth the work. It was disappointing. 

I also remember when "whitestrips" came out. I thought it was so COOL that you were able to whiten your teeth at home instead of going into a dentist! Well, this whitening stick is the easiest little teeth whitener  I have ever used! 

When I got this..I wondered if it would really work in 2 minutes. But, it does! I definitely have seen a difference in each time I use it. The stick is a balm like texture and white. All you do is rub the balm on your teeth keep your mouth in a smile for a few seconds to let dry (or keep smiling if your conscious of wiping the product off) and that's really it! The whitener sits on your teeth and eventually dissolves. It's SO easy and I love that I don't have to wait 20-30 minutes like you sometimes have to with strips! 


This pen costs. $14.95 and you can get it from www.paulaschoice.com. It is under "best sellers" because it is the companies #1 best seller right now. Awesome that I got to try it out! I carry it in my purse with me. :-) 

Paula's Choice makes skin care and cosmetics. But, they not only have their own line, they are dedicated to finding the right products for your skin whether it be the Paula line or someone else's. 

Paula Begoun, the creator of Paula's Choice has been featured on show's like, The View, Dr.OZ, and The Today Show. You can find out more information at www.paulaschoice.com 

I also had the pleasure of trying their 2nd most popular item the "Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer." I had heard that this moisturizer is great for normal to dry skin which would classify what I currently have. It's great for the eye area and for sensitive or red skin. I knew I wanted to try this. 


My Verdict: I really liked this a lot. It's tough for me to get THRILLED about moisturizer because I don't like how most feel greasy. But, I could see using this everyday. It's light weight and it sinks into my skin effortlessly. I can wear it in the morning under my makeup without it feeling to heavy. 

So, I got to try the 2 BEST SELLER's on the Paula's Choice website. I'm a pretty lucky girl.. 

Disclaimer: I did receive these products free for review but I am not affiliated with Paula's Choice and these are my own thoughts. 

Have a wonderful night all, and remember.. 

1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.