~Olivia Garden~

For years I've shopped at the beauty supply store and salon ULTA.  Ulta has EVERY type of beauty product: Makeup, fragrances, lotions, hair supplies, hair tools, combs, brushes, nail supplies and more. If you are ever at ULTA shopping for hair brushes you may run into the brand Olivia Garden. Olivia Garden was founded in Belgium in 1968. They have a long time history of creating products for a "hairdressers" needs.

I have been using a few hair brushes and a comb of theirs and here is my experience.


This comb get's an exclamation mark because it is really that awesome. I am used to using a plastic comb from target...I've never used any other type of comb. I can say after this bamboo comb experience that it's my favorite comb I've ever had. :-)

A few things I learned about this type of comb are:

  • Bamboo is stronger than wood
  • They are anti-static and anti-bacterial

A few things I loved about this comb are:

  • It combed through my hair with ease
  • I didn't feel like I had to "TUG" through my snarls
  • The bamboo felt soft
  • And, the comb is very lightweight

I reccomend trying a bamboo comb, it's has changed how I feel about combing my hair while wet.


This hair brush comes in multiple round sizes. I received the 3 1/4" .

This brush has unique wavy bristles that make them more heat-resistant. They bristles also have soft tips so they are easy on the scalp. They brush has tourmaline ion technology, which helps to add shine and reduce frizz. It is anti-static and has an easy grip handle.

I have very long hair..This large 3 1/4" brush is one of the best I've used. One of my absolute favorites. It brushes through my hair with easy and doesn't make blow drying and styling my hair feel too difficult. It's so "FAT" that I literally lay it on my hair and it feels like it does the work for me. I like that it's rounded and gives my hair a large natural curl on the ends if I want it too. There was NOTHING I didn't like about this hairbrush. It's GREAT for long hair.


This brush stood out to me because of its unique shape. I've been seeing this shape more often in stores and it seems to be the newest and hottest shape in hair brushes. www.oliviagarden.comwww.oliviagarden.com

This brush has smooth sides for better straightening, anti static and ionic bristles, and bristles grab hair easy for maximum control.
I found this brush to be very interesting. I liked it a lot if I wanted to blow dry and straighten my hair. But, in order to CURL the ends of my hair , I found the round style to work better.
I still think this is a great hairbrush and I'm happy I have it in my collection. It doesn't get hot when blow drying, it glides easily through my hair, and it provides a good head massage too! :-)
You can find these brushes and more at www.oliviagarden.com . They have lots of GREAT hair brushes and combs!! And, if you live near an ULTA store...you can find them there!
And, of course my accomplice thinks I need to spend more time with him. He was pawing at me and laying beside my leg while writing up my reviews today. Little Rascal ;-)

Disclaimer: I did receive these products free to test but I was not paid for this post and these are my genuine thoughts on the products.


 1 Timothy 2:9

Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire