Billy Jealousy for Men & Women

My husband was excited when a package came in the mail from "Billy Jealousy". Billy Jealousy products are known to win awards and be featured in magazines like, Esquire, Men's Health, FHM and Cleo. And one of the products I received, the HYDROSLICK super slick shave cream won the Esquire magazine award for best shave cream in 2007. In Minnesota, Billy Jealousy is sold in ULTA stores and in exclusive salons. But, these products are sold everywhere from L.A to NY.

I received the:

  • LIQUIDSAND- exfoliating facial cleanser
  • HYDROPLANE-super-slick shave cream &
  • GOLDEN GLOVES-theraputic hand cream

The Billy Jealousy Packaging is very clean looking and simple and has a dragon logo on everything.

I like that all the bottles were white and had only a little color on them. I also liked that the bottles nossle was upside down so they were PERFECT for keeping in the shower for easy dispensing.

First I tried the LIQUIDSAND exfoliating facial scrub.

I've tried many exfoliating facial scrubs but this could be one of my favorites. What I like about it is that it's not ONLY and exfoliator , it has the consistency thick enough to be a face wash . It feels like you are really cleaning your face when you use it...and the small sand like exfoliators inside really help buff your skin but is gentle enough to use everyday.   **I try LOTS of products, and this one has stayed in my shower because I just don't want to use anything else.

The other AMAZING product is the HYDROPLANE super-slick shave cream. A-MAZING!!!!!!!! I have never used shaving cream better than this. It's definitely more expensive than shaving cream you'd get at TARGET but, it's so much better.

It get's SO close to my skin and doesn't irritate it at all. My skin is SO soft after. The other thing I LOVE about this stuff is it does not suds it's not foamy. It is just solid clear cream that you put on and shave off. :-) I love this stuff...and my HUSBAND LOVES IT TOO.

Lastly I tried GOLDEN GLOVES therapeutic hand cream

As a makeup artist, I constantly use my hands. And, almost everyday I want to put lotion on because my hands are so dry. This GOLDEN GLOVES hand cream is going with me to work. It's just a solid white color, no significant fragrance, light and immediately sinks into skin. It is not greasy or sticky. (That means it's a definite winner!)

All of these 3 products are in the $20's. But they are definitely worth it if you want REALLY good skin care. I think men love them because they do not have significant fragrances...and woman love these products because they GET THE JOB DONE!

You can find these products at

Disclaimer: I did receive these products on a trade for review basis but I was not paid for this review and these are my genuine thoughts.


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