Learn about Jurlique and Spongeables!



I am a very lucky lady. 

Not only because I have a great husband, family & friends, but because I've always been surrounded with good opportunities. Right now I have a fabulous opportunity to learn about new health and beauty brands from all over the world. Not only am I trying many products, but I'm learning about great companies and technologies.  

There are two companies that I'd like to talk about tonight: Jurlique and Spongeables. Let's talk about JURLIQUE. 

Jurlique skin care originates from Australia and was founded in 1985. Their mission is to, "provide the purest, most effective skin care through natural, high performance products." 

At the beginning, Jurlique sought out an unpolluted farm land environment in South Austrailia where they grew their own herbs and flowers for their skin care. Jurlique uses nature, science and innovation to deliver pure and effective skin care to their clients. 

Jurlique carries skin care, bath and body, hair care, and aromatherapy products. I have tried their HERBAL RECOVERY GEL & the CITRUS HAND CREAM.  


From my experience, Herbal Recovery Gel is perfect for the person who wants to hydrate and firm their skin using a very lightweight product. The product is a clear liquidy gel-like formula that feels very soothing and moisturizing on the skin. I don't tend to wear a ton of moisturizer so I like this because it feels like it's hydrating without putting anything heavy on my face. Which is why I like to wear it in the morning underneath my make-up. It also has a slight floral/herb type smell that is very refreshing. It feels very clean, and pure, not sticky, heavy or greasy. 

Since I have yet to show many signs of aging, I cannot fairly/accurately judge the anti-aging effects. But, with continued use this formula is supposed to help minimize the visible signs of aging. 



I love most things that have a citrus scent. I feel like citrus wakes me up a bit and gives me a little "energy" if I'm feeling tired. The scent of this hand cream is the #1 reason why I like it. It has a unique blend of tangerine, mandarin and lemon which are very uplifting. The cream is rich in order to help heal dry cracked hands and once it sinks into the skin it leaves my hands feeling very silky. 

The hand cream reminds me a little of something I'd leave by my kitchen sink for after I got done washing dishes. I could use this anytime of day.. but I think it is really meant for rescuing very dry hands. 

My only gripe is the aluminum or tin like casing. Sometimes if you squeeze too hard too much lotion can come out. 

However, that does not deter from the product as a whole. This is very good hand cream for dry, chapped skin. You can go to www.jurlique.com to find out more information about these products. 


These products are a new "FUN" discovery of mine. Spongeables is a Los Angeles based company whose mission is to, "provide consumers with high quality, innovative daily use products that transform the mundane tasks of everyday life to exciting, fulfilling and enjoyable experiences."  





You will notice that written on the box it says this is a 4 in 1 product. A cleanser, massager, exfoliator and moisturizer. And, it contains ingredients like olive oil, tea tree oil and shea butter.
I have kept this in my shower since the first day I got it and I really love it. It's an exfoliator/scrubber on one side and a soapy like sponge on the other. It says that you can get 20 + uses out of it. And , the best part is ...there is NO NEED TO ADD ANY SOAP.

 Here is what it looks like after I have used it for 10 days.....  

These Spongeables are made for men, women and children. You can find out more at www.spongeables.com 

Disclaimer: I received these products on a trade for review basis. I was not paid for these reviews and these are my honest thoughts. 

Psalm 45:11 

The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.