Clear skin with the power of oxygen-Neaclear + My first Giveaway!

Hi everyone!   There's a few things I feel led to say today.  

  1. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog.....(My subscribers Especially). So, if you are reading this...thank you!! I wouldn't be doing this unless I knew someone like you was out there reading what I write.
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  3. Listen up!!! You all are capable of doing anything you want to. I can't tell you how many times in my life that just a little confidence has gotten me the things I've wanted to achieve. If I've learned any two lessons about achievements in life (so far) it's that , with confidence, hard work and a good attitude nothing is out of reach. Don't think just because you weren't born a certain way or have never been taught to do something that you can't do it. It's never too late and you can ALWAYS TRY. The other thing is that, sometimes the things we want so bad we don't get. But, it is always because God has a better plan, or something more beneficial for you in mind. What you may think is good for you ....may not be so good for you.

****I believe that faithful prayer about direction and guidance will lead you down the right path. There is no doubt that I have done things for "me" in the past and maybe not followed the right direction...but, God quickly turned things around and made clear to me what was in my best interest.  


Now, onto the product topic today. It's about a skin care line I've been using called NEACLEAR.  (I'm sorry the photos are so small..I don't know why I can't get them larger.) But, below , these 4 products are what I've been using.  


As you can see the packaging is simple.. it's clear bottles with the clear or pearlish white like formula's inside. They use blue and black lettering and to me it looks like a "clean" skin care system.  

Let me explain what I mean by "clean". Neaclear is known for  it's physician strength skin care products as well as innovative over-the-counter products. The line was formed by working closely with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to make revolutionary skin care products. 

Neaclear uses oxygen. All the products also include natural energy blends which are formulated for anti-aging. I don't "quite" understand how oxygen is put into the products but here is the theory, "Most bacteria, viruses, and diseases find it very difficult to live and survive in an oxygen-rich environment."   

So, by putting formulating the products with oxygen, bacteria has a harder time living in the products... that is why I call this a "clean skin care line." And, here are the reasons that make these products favorable: 

  • All are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
  • All are formulated to include oxygen-the source of life
  • All the products have powerful anti aging properties in them for your skin
  • All products are formulated for sensitive skin

I had never even heard about Neaclear before using it. I knew nothing about oxygen infused skin care. But, my experience with all 4 of these products, eye cream, facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer has been SUPER positive. I have sensitive skin...and these products did not irritate my skin even in the slightest. They felt like they were taking the irritation out of my skin, and really deep cleaning.  

The toner was a clear formula and looked at felt just like water.  It was very cooling when I put it on my felt like I had an icy face mask felt like it was deep cleaning. 


The face wash was clear like water and had no smell . It was lightweight, didn't irritate my skin and got all my makeup off in only about 2 or 3 pumps of this cleanser. My skin felt neither dry nor oily after using this. It felt balanced.  

The moisturizer was a soft white color and was VERY lightweight, not greasy or had NO smell and was perfectly hydrating. My skin felt cooled and soothed.  

The eyecream was my favorite of the 4 products. I have never used an eyecream that was a pearly white color. This stuff is so sheer and honestly you only need a speck of it to blend on each eye. I feel like I could use this tube everyday for the next 2 years. The eyecream is light and dissolves quickly. It makes my eye's feel less swollen and brighter. I ADORE this stuff!  


Now, I want you all to know I am using the NEACLEAR PLUS line... there is a NEACLEAR line sold over the counter and a NEACLEAR PLUS is a bit more pricey because it is a stronger formula.  Go to that link to find where NEACLEAR products are sold. They are a little more expensive than your average target skincare...but in my opinion they are worth it!  

Here is the website once again so you can read all about this line , I'm sure there are things I've missed... 

***Note-Neaclear sent me these products to try for a review, but I was not paid for these thoughts and these are 100% original.  


Now, onto my giveaway!!! I have lots of products and lots of things I'd like to give to faithful viewers. So, from time to time I'm going to do a random drawing and giveaway products. Here's what I'm giving away this week. 

A Spornette, Kabuki Brush. Here is a photo...... 


This is a great brush for buffing in powder foundation, your everyday powder or a light bronzer.( **Please know that I have never used this.. it is completely brand new, in the packaging.)  

Contest goes until August, 14th. Next Saturday! Here's what you have to do to enter:

  1.  Be subscribed to my column. (When you subscribe I can automatically see your e-mail address you subscribed with) if you win I will contact you that way.
  2. Get another entry in the contest if you answer the question I will ask in a comment below.
  3. Get a Third entry if you have a blog and put a link to my blog on your site somewhere or in a post and then e-mail me with the link at

So this means, you can get 3 entries in the contest. I will hold most of  my contests this same way.  

Here is the question for an entry in the contest!  

  • If you had to name a child today...boy or girl...what would you name it. So, what is your favorite baby name right now? Make sense??

The name I would choose today is Scarlett for a girl, Gabriel for a boy. I love these names... I think they sound elegant and beautiful and a little mysterious. You don't have to answer for both boy and girl..just one name.  

The contest starts now! E-mail me if you have questions  


Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. MATTHEW 5:8