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Hey Everyone! So, if you don't all know already, I work as a makeup artist some of the time. One of the greatest things I hear is, "YOU WERE SUCH A BIG HELP." I love to feel like I helped someone. So when someone says to me, "thank you for your help" or something makes my day!!!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying out some of Principessa's best sellers. Principessa is a luxury bath and beauty company that is unashamedly feminine. If you go to the website you are greeted by a beautiful light pink background  with stitched boarders and black and white detailing. It's GIRLY and FEMININE, and the products are just as girly too.

  Principessa's philosophy is to "create high-end, unashamedly feminine beauty products. In doing so we consider the 3 P’s: Perfume, Packaging and Performance. It is imperative that our products work and smell as good as they look. We’re more than just pretty packaging as our high performance exclusive formulas are of the utmost quality & deliver maximum results to not only pamper, but perfect your skin and hair."

And, I just realized the background for this beauty brand has similar colors to my blog! We must both be unafraid of our femininity. :)  You can see their website here:

I tried the principessa lip balm, "Bacio Me". It had a slant tip applicator which I like. The formula is very hydrating and feels light on my lips. It does not have any significant smell or taste and is clear. It contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

This is a good balm for re-pairing and hydrating lips. It has no color, no is purely for making lips soft and smooth.

I'm always looking for a lip balm I can throw in my bag that won't upset my husband when he kisses me. This IS that lip balm. It's $11 a tube which is kinda middle of the road and a little on the pricy end for a lip balm. But- most girls would love to get this as a gift. It makes an excellent present with another product from Principessa.

I also tried the "Bianco Breeze" Dry Shampoo. First off, I really like the idea of dry shampoo. It makes going a day or 2 without washing your hair so easy. All you do is sprinkle a tiny bit on the roots of your hair and rub in. It gives instant volume and get's rid of oil. I liked this one because it had a light fragrance (kinda floraly). So, it didn't smell like baby powder.

It comes in a container that looks like a giant bottle of baby powder but more luxurious of course. What I liked about this was: It looks great sitting on the bathroom counter, It is $24 dollars for a HUGE bottle of it and it smells nice.

Another best seller from Principessa is the "cattiva diva" silky hand creme. This stuff is really soft, lightweight and you only need a pea size amount to get the moisture you want. It has a floraly, light, feminine fragrance. This lotion retails for $17 on the website . The hand lotion would make a great gift paired with the "pretty piede" foot balm.

This "pretty piede" foot balm has the same fragrance as the hand creme and it is soft and light. It leaves your feet feeling silky (I have a huge problem with keeping my feet soft and smooth, they are almost always rough). I love to put this foot balm on my feet and then put some slippers on to really let the lotion soak in. This retails for $18 on the website.

This company really knows how to make a woman feel more feminine. This is great for any woman who needs some luxury personal items for her bathroom or nightstand.

 You can check out any of these products I've featured at

Disclaimer: I received these products free for my use and thoughts. I was not paid nor was told what to say in this review. I wrote this because I wanted to talk about the brand and these are my honest opinions.


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