A 6 year old's makeup tutorial

Hey Everyone!! I saw this video on youtube and had to share it. I laughed the whole time: ....1. because this little girl's voice is so cute and 2. because she seems to know a lot more about makeup than some adults do!

I was torn though  weather or not it's good for a girl this young to be doing make-up. Part of me thinks that it's innocent and a form of "fun and creativity" for her. Another part of me wants to say, "she shouldn't get it in her head that she needs makeup to be beautiful."

Here's how I weigh in on it. I think this video is adorable. And, I think if this little girl wants to play with makeup there is no one that should stop her. It's if she feels like she has to wear make-up everyday or when she leaves the house has to put make-up on that i'd see it as a problem.

What are your thoughts???......I'm interested.