"Just the Way You Are" & SJ Creations

Hey Everyone! I have a cheesy song for you all today. I keep hearing this on the radio as I'm driving. Have you heard it????? "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. I knew once I heard it I should post it on here for you all to hear. Even though it's a little dorky, it kinda lifts my spirits and makes me happy.

This Bruno Mars guy must be brand new on the music scene. I have never heard of him . Funny name too. But, if he keeps making uplifting songs, I'd say he has a career in front of him.


I just really have a passion for reaching out to women everywhere and telling them that they are beautiful!!!  I know how cruel the world can be sometimes...and I know how much pressure there is to be female. And, I JUST WISH I COULD CHANGE THINGS FOR THE WHOLE FEMALE POPULATION. So, I can't help but want to post inspiration when I hear or see it.

Next, SJ Creations was kind enough to send me some of their organic body products! I got this PURE BODY ORGANICS - Body Butter. The scent is Green Tea and Ginger Blossom.

If you don't know already, I love GREEN TEA and I love Ginger. So BAM! Put the two together and you have a collaboration I'm sure to love. And I do!! It has a very clean and aloe like scent. I kinda smell the "green" in it more than anything...the ginger is not that strong but it is still delicious.

I love big body butter tubs like this because I feel like I'm never going to run out. There is so much in there!

The body butter is very rich, very thick , very creamy. It feels best on the skin after you've taken a shower or bath and your skin is dry.

Another great thing about this product is it's pretty cheap $14 for a 8.4 oz jar. You can find products from SJ creations at places like Trader Joes, T.J Max, Ulta, Sears, KMart , Marshalls and more.

Unfortunately, I wish I could tell you a little more about their scents, but this one is the only one I smelled. But, I did really like it. It's not too strong.

SJ Creations also does a lot of work with Charities. It's fun to read about which ones they work with.  For more information about them you can go to their website www.sjcreationsinc.com

I also received a travel pack from SJ Creations. It's their Pure Body Organics Green tea and Ginger blossom travel pack. It has body wash, body mist and body lotion inside.

This would be a great product to give away to one of you guys...so I think I will hold onto it for another time.

Disclaimer: I did receive these products free but in no way did that influence this review. I was not paid and these are my honest thoughts.

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"You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14