JAPONESQUE: Create Beauty... Inspiration.

Hi Everyone, It's about 10:30 at night and I am writing this. I hope you all get to read it...I know it doesn't matter what time I write. Lately, I have been following some beauty bloggers/vloggers on you tube and have really been feeling inspired. I love what you can do with make-up and skin care. There are so many GREAT products out there and so many things to talk about. I know I will never have a problem coming up with a topic to blog about in "beauty" because there are so many different topics to cover and things to write about.

Tonight I want to tell you about Japonesque. It's a make-up brand I had heard of before but, like a lot of different brands, I had never tried anything from the line.

So I got to try 2 of their make-up brushes, the pro makeup artist wipes and the create your own lip palette.

Let me start with the brushes.

This is the Travel Luxury Kabuki Brush and the Travel Stippling Brush. Both are priced about middle of the road as far as brushes go. The stippling is $28 , the kabuki is $30. Not overly expensive, but not drugstore cheap. However, the quality of these brushes are AMAZING. I couldn't find what these were made out of but they are the softest of soft! This is what the website says, "Designed with the professional in mind, JAPONESQUE® beauty products are precision crafted, using only the highest quality materials." So, there you go. I don't know what kind of hair it is..but it is so soft and feels so good.

Also, I have washed these brushes twice now and there is hardly any bristle fall out! They do not shed easily.

What I like about the kabuki brush is it's longer handle than the regular short "nub" kabuki brushes. This one can go with me anywhere and is great for powder, powder foundation, or bronzer. It feels so luxurious on the face.

The stippling brush (top, white bristles), is great for liquid foundation. It's how you can get an airbrushed makeup look using a brush. This brush I also like to use for cream blush. I noticed that this Japonesque stippling brush has a bit more bristles than other stippling brushes I'm used to. So, it is thicker. Also the bristles seem more bound together. So, my suggestion for this brush would be to use very little product at a time to avoid getting too much on the face.

I Loved these brushes, and would love to try the whole collection! You can check all of the brushes out on their website. http://www.japonesque.com/catalogue.cfm?fla=productsSplash That will get you right to the brushes.

I also tried the Pro Makeup Artist wipes for removing makeup. The box includes 20 wipes and it is $12 for a box. Not a bad price at all. But, again this is not the cheapest you can get them. I like that these wipes are individually wrapped. That makes it easy for travel. You can take however many you need with you, not the whole pack.

They were really gentle on my face and I didn't have any irritation. I wear a lot of mascara and it took 2 wipes to get my mascara completely off. I would recommend these mostly for any makeup removal except mascara.

Finally, I want to tell you about this cute little lip palette creator. This mini mixing bowl, brush, spatula and lip case come together in a pack. What you do with it is... take your old lipsticks, or new lipsticks, mix a concoction together in this bowl and make a custom lip palette! CUTE HUH!? It's a pretty clever idea. This is great if you are a person who likes to keep a lip palette in your purse and can never find the right lipstick shade. You can create your own!

Ok ladies and gents. That is all for tonight. If you want to check out any of these products I shared with you tonight you can go to: www.japonesque.com :)

Disclaimer: I received these products for free to review on my own time. This review contains all my honest thoughts of the products and I was not paid.

Bear wanted to say goodnight to you all!!

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