California North Self Tanner & 100 % Pure Foundation

Hey Everyone! There are two products I've recently discovered that I LOVE. When I find things I love I think...why haven't I always known about this???

First order of business... I bought the new INSTYLE magazine...September Issue/Fall Issue.  Now, I know your saying to yourself..."what? That's not a big deal". But IT IS A BIG DEAL. I used to buy magazines ALL the time. Since I've been married... which is 8 months, this is the first one I've bought. You know guys, they don't really understand the "appeal" of a beauty magazine. Anyway, I bought this because it is HUGE. It is about 3 times the size of a normal magazine. I can't wait to start reading it! (sorry I don't have a picture.)

I want to tell you about 2 products. The first is a self tanner from CALIFORNIA NORTH.

It's official name is, California North Titanium Self Tanner. It is GUARANTEED not to be orange. And, it lives up to its claim! You can use it for the face and body and it contains skin conditioners and SPF 7. It is dermatologist recommended and pH balanced.

My experience with this product: LOVE! It's one of the first self tanning lotions that I've used that is

  • really lightweight
  • feels hydrating
  • NOT orange
  • Doesn't smell bad
  • & is something that I actually don't dread putting on after a shower.

Let me explain. With other self tanning lotions I've used, they always seem either smelly, messy, sticky, streaky or unpleasant to apply. This California North Self Tanner is lightweight and feels REALLY silky when I put it on. I will be using this for a long time. You can go to this link to check it out. An 8 oz bottle is $27.

The other product I've been absolutely loving is 100 % pure Healthy Skin Foundation with Superfruits. Here's the benefits:

  • Full Coverage/Satin Finish
  • SPF 20
  • Velvety Soft
  • Colors come from pigments of fruits and vegetables instead of synthetic dyes and minerals.
  • Packed with superfruits, nutrients and vitamins for your skin

It comes in 5 shades. I use White Peach.

 The first thing I noticed when I received this foundation was the packaging. No BOX!!!! Just this tissue paper. I love that..because it is using less packaging materials and it's the first company that I've seen that does this. (I'm sure there are others...but I don't know of any.)

I am SO picky when it comes to foundation. (I love MAC studio fix fluid). So, I am always skeptical when I try foundations. This has AMAZING coverage and feels SO good on. It smells very natural and sweet, kinda like fruits. I really can't say enough "good" about this product. It is a great foundation that you can feel good about wearing. Here is the link for this foundation

These are both companies you guys should check out. They have an AWESOME array of products. 100 % pure has been featured in O magazine, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and more. The website is really cute too!!! :)

Disclaimer: I did receive these products free but I test all my products fair and only write my honest opinions. I was not paid for this article.


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