My Mini Interview with Katy of HelloKatyxo....

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This is a more personal blog than I've done in the last few but I wanted to share with you all a few things. I recently have started watching "YouTube" beauty blog video. Somehow I came across "HelloKatyxo" (follow that link and you will get to her Video blog channel!) I loved her channel, thought she seemed like such a sweet girl.

Katy is a freshman and has been doing beauty vlogs on you tube for a while now and I saw a video she posted about her "first visit to MAC" and I thought to myself , "I'd love to send her some products."  I've worked for MAC for about 6 years and I knew she'd probably be delighted. Also, she was just starting high school...and I remember how that felt! If I were to get a package of MAC goodies on my first day of school I would have been very happy.

So.... long story short, I wrote her an e-mail and we have been in contact since. She asked me a few interview questions about my modeling and makeup artist experience and I wanted to share with you that interview. Here are the questions she asked:

1)      What kind of apparel did you model when you were one? Or what brand(s)?

I did mostly catalogue and showroom modeling. Some of the brands or jobs I did were for: Glo Jeans, E-dress me, Yumi Kim and Boost Mobile amongst many others.   One of my favorite jobs was modeling for the MUD makeup artists and being their “beauty model”.

2)      What do you consider your staple makeup product? I love good foundation and mascara. The kinds I’m using now are MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid and 100% Pure’s full coverage foundation. My mascara varies but I like Maybelline Full and Soft and LashGASM by TooFaced.

3)  Staple fashion item? Jewelry. I love my gold Escada snake looking bracelet. I think long necklaces make every outfit look instantly put together or dressed up.

4) Biggest makeup/fashion-related pet peeve? Thinking you have to follow a certain trend/ style, or way of doing things. I get asked a lot, “What is the right color eye-shadow for me?” To that I say, “there isn’t one… have fun with it and figure out what YOU like wearing best.” Or, when people buy something that they don’t really like but they know is “in” at the time. That is ridiculous. Trends come and go and I think everyone should find their own styles.  


5) What do you think is the best way to figure out your foundation shade? The best way to figure out your foundation shade is to go in and get it matched by someone who’s been doing makeup for a long time. If you have access to testing foundation shades yourself, try to match it according to your jaw-line or neck area, that way it should look most natural. I do NOT think your hand or wrist is a true guideline to your coloring. Your face is usually different than your hand or wrist.



6) If you could tell yourself something 2 years ago that you know now, what would it be? That is a hard question!! Not to stress over the small things, that I would get through school, I would be happy and would be in a good place and find by niche’. I think I’ve finally found that. And that is anything art, design, or expressive. I am doing so many things now that make me happy!  Oh! And, that I’d be happily married. Two years ago, I did not think I’d be getting married at 22.


7) What made you want to start blogging? A few things made me start blogging. I had just started my Major in writing/journalism and wanted some way to “practice” so to speak. I needed a creative outlet, someplace to write my thoughts and ideas. And most of all, I wanted to share my thoughts with others (women) especially. I have lately become very passionate about making women feel “good” about who they are and the way they look. I wanted to inspire others to feel more beautiful and free with who they were born to be.

Thanks Katy! I am so happy you were interested in doing this interview with me and I'm so glad you liked the MAC package I sent you.

Katy did a Vlog talking about the products , here it is



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Thank you all for reading.