EOS: Smooth and Superb!

Hey guys!! Bear had fun with the products I'll be talking about today: EOS -Evolution of Smooth shave cream and lip balms. He enjoyed watching me open the packages and had a field day chewing on the plastic/cardboard boxes.

So, I recently got these items but have been so excited to talk about them because I really think if you haven't heard of EOS -Evolution of Smooth , you should! EOS says, " We want lip balm whose feel and packaging makes us smile, shaving cream that leaves our legs smooth and moisturized, and natural body lotion that makes our skin oh-so-touchable."

 First, I want to tell you about EOS' "ultra moisturizing shave cream." I got the purple lavender jasmine scent. There are 6 different fragrances of this shave cream and each different fragrance has a different color bottle. Here are 2 pictures of mine:

So, as you can see, the lavender jasmine is a purplish color. Not only is the packaging cute and colorful but it is silky soft. I don't know what the material is...but it's SOFT!!! This shave cream is:

  • non foaming
  • moisturizing so you can shave wet or dry
  • Contains natural aloe,oat, shea butter, and vitamins E & C for ultra hydration and nourishment
  • bottle is soft and recyclable-won't leave rust ring in your shower

It is thick and creamy and easy to pump out! I love this stuff. I've tried other shaving creams but this has been one of my favorites! I kinda want to try every scent like pomegranate raspberry, island blue and  cucumber melon!

Next is EOS' LIP BALMS. Here are pictures of the two different ones I received:

ok, I confess...I didn't want to stop taking pictures of these EOS products. They are SO cute. The packaging is bright and SMOOTH (which is the best part).

The Pink Lip blam is called a smooth stick. It comes in 3 flavors. Mine is pomegranate raspberry. YUM. It is 95% organic and 100 % natural. This stick felt really good on my lips. No complaints. It was long-lasting and smelled really fruity. Left my lips feeling soft.

The yellow lip balm is called the smooth sphere. This one was my FAVORITE of the two. It reminded me of a little egg yolk. 

 I like the way the rounded sphere goes on your lips. Plus it is just SO adorable. Feels the same in texture as the smooth stick but I like that this little ball is so cute and unique. My flavor is the Lemon Drop which is new. I love anything lemon scented so this is wonderful. The smooth sphere comes in 4 other flavors. ALL DELICIOUS! I want to try them all.

You can find EOS products on their website at www.evolutionofsmooth.com or you can find these products in Target, Ulta or Walgreens.

Love these products! I really believe that cosmetics and personal care items should have cute packaging. It really makes someone want to carry them around in their purse or have displayed in their bathrooms.

Disclaimer: I did receive these products free from EOS on a review basis. But, I always give honest feedback. I was not paid for this blog post.

Here are some other photos of Bear and the products!!! He loved hanging out with me when I was playing with these.

Isn't he a good model?????

ok, I promise I will post the winner of my contest tonight!! Have a lovely day everyone.


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